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  1. Official unofficial Republic Of Ireland thread

    Thank Christ for The Times doing their job well, else this would still be buried and Delaney would still be in charge.
  2. His Dark Materials

    Seems to me the pretty witch lady could have handled all of that on her own.
  3. Ghostbusters: Afterlife - trailer

    Correct. I like it when franchises try to change things up, so going with an all female line up was a fine idea. Unfortunately one fine idea doesn't stop a shit script from being shit. Impossible to tell how good this one will be from the trailer but it really shouldn't be so hard to come up...
  4. City fans disgusting behaviour | Aeroplane and monkey gestures | Do not dox please

    Sometimes it's striking just how much like chimps people can be.
  5. State of the refs in this country

    The real stand out mistake this weekend was in Sheffield United's game. The referee Simon Hooper fecked up by blowing for offside before the ball had crossed the line for a Sheffield United goal, which meant the goal couldn't have counted either way. Luckily for him Lundstram was offside...
  6. The Redcafe Movie review thread

    Would have made for a hell of a twist if it was.
  7. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    If people only want wins by knockouts then have the fighters scrap in a back alley or something. Once it's in the ring and under boxing rules then different standards apply. Outboxing and outclassing your opponent isn't "running away", it's being the better boxer. If the other fighter doesn't...
  8. French pension strikes

    One would imagine so but intuitively that seems like it would be less of a societal issue than keeping the retirement age the same and imposing an enormous additional tax burden on that younger demographic. I'm sure there have been plenty of studies done on this so maybe someone with a...
  9. Bond 25 | No Time To Die

    Sean Bean's character mentioned it. "While your parents had the luxury of dying in a climbing accident, mine were betrayed by blah blah blah".
  10. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

  11. Bond 25 | No Time To Die

    Having a non-white James Bond should obviously be no issue. The defining characteristic of Bond in this regard is that he is British, not that he is white. It wouldn't make the slightest difference to have an actor from a different background play the character. Having a female Bond would be a...
  12. The MMA thread

  13. The RedCafe Boxing Thread

    It's boxing, not fighting. AJ fought smart and thoroughly outboxed his opponent. People criticizing any of these guys for being "cowardly" from the sidelines is hilarious.
  14. Official unofficial Republic Of Ireland thread