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  1. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    I don't see that happening.
  2. Ten Hag's coaching staff

    If the player refuses to run cuz he feels lazy, he should be reported to the manager. If the player can run/train, but the training schedule is not intense or good enough, then that's on the fitness coaches.
  3. Ten Hag's coaching staff

    :lol: Our players were amongst the least fit players in the league. When Ralf arrived and asked them to press, they did so for 30 minutes against Crystal Palace, after which they got very tired and said, "sorry boss, we can't run like this. Feeling tired." Ralf must've been perplexed. Athletes...
  4. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    I think he could.....if we were competing in the Championship.
  5. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Indeed. Ole was also touted as a great man-manager and that was an absolute disaster.
  6. What have been your worst predictions and projections for United/players these last 5 years?

    This issue of players becoming too heavy has been repeated many times and our fitness coaches have to take the blame here. I would absolutely fire every single fitness coach and replace them (and I don't like firing staff, but they are so woefully bad that they simply can't be re-trained to do...
  7. What have been your worst predictions and projections for United/players these last 5 years?

    Sancho is actually pretty good. The problem is that when we buy players, they join MUFC and they turn to crap. Darmian was unbelievably good when he first joined, About 2 months in, he turned to crap. Wan Bissakka was great when he joined. 8 months later, he began to fall off and now is crap...
  8. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    There hasn't been a major statement made to the players in 9 years and I don't think that'll work now. Our players have too much power - the manager will take the fall for their lack of effort.
  9. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    I have been reading many fans (not just you) writing about us winning the EL. I am unsure if fans actually understand that winning the EL is incredibly difficult and we are nowhere near equipped to win a trophy, let alone the EL trophy. So, my question: Do you honestly believe that we have a...
  10. It’s the players, not the manager

    Agreed on all points. Most of the players need to be replaced. I think some people are expecting ETH to improve our players, but you can't polish a pile of turds.
  11. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    A great idea, but this assumes that the players are willing to listen. Player power in our club is so high that players can get managers fired with relative ease. If the board are willing to go to hell and back with ETH, then they need to give him 5 years and absolute control. If he says that he...
  12. Can Dalot/Telles turn it around like Evra/Vidic

    :lol: This pretty much sums it up.
  13. Man Utd players unhappy with training...

    They've already said that they don't like Ralf's training, so I wouldn't put it past them.
  14. Crystal Palace vs Manchester United

    We got pumped by Brentford in our last match, so looks like we are aiming to maintain that level of focus for our next match. Isn't that what we were told before every single loss? Even when we lost to Watford 4-1 (or was it 4-0?) we were told that the players are working hard and doing well...
  15. Liverpool's inevitable quadruple

    The title of this thread is extremely presumptuous. I highly doubt they'll win all 4.