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  1. Frenkie de Jong | 4th lever pulled | Barca still short.. | next lever selling fan base off?

    Why are players still signing for Barca? At this point it must be for the weather? The club is a basket case!
  2. Brian Brobbey

    Instead of this, we should do a deal with Napoli involving Ronnie, for Victor Osimhen
  3. Who potentially replaces Ronaldo?

    Do a deal with Napoli for Victor Osimhen, use Ronnie to get the fee down
  4. Potential striker signings (who aren't named Haaland)

    Lukaku Loan? *The Scenes*
  5. Why are we so sentimental about Marcus Rashford?

    His ego has gotten the better of him. Give him next season to salvage his United career, then sell year after if no joy
  6. Conte | Spurs Manager

    Happy for Conte, Arsenal fan tears are always sweet. Conte would have been a short term solution for us. We had to hit rocket bottom this season, for things to change. Onwards and upwards... #GGMU Cheers to Brighton for today :)
  7. Who was worse - Rangnick or Ole?

    Ole for sure, he enabled this shower...
  8. What made you become a supporter of this club?

    Child of the 90s. United were the only team that played live on the council box regularly. Wednesday night UCL football on ITV, good times!
  9. Would you take Rodgers at United?

    No. It's going to end in tears. He is of the bottle.
  10. Next permanent manager | Poll updated

    Does anybody else not find the silence from 'ITKs' concerning?
  11. Premier League Gameweek 11

    Moyes is going to beat us to top 4 isn't he?