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  • Just got back from seeing this. I'm not a huge Bond fan in the sense that I haven't circled the date in my calendar and have 007 love-hearts in my padlocked diary, but I do enjoy the films. I thought this was utter shit, tbh.
  • I was Ole Out way before this game. It's clear that he is out of his depth and the truth is that he is too limited to take us where we need to be. However, I don't subscribe to this view that absolutely everything today that went wrong is...
  • Horrific performance that we will be talking about for years. Think we'll be back in the market again next summer for another centreback. Again.
  • As others have said, he was awful. No positives at all from that performance.
  • Superunknown replied to the thread Post match vs Liverpool.
    I love the club, but right now I hate football. That was total shit and it has been coming. We got what we deserved and now we need to sort ourselves the feck out.
  • I'm not optimistic at all that even if the club sacked Ole tomorrow, they would even know who to bring in. It's just mess after mess.
  • Reckless. Not just the tackle, but everything. We are so underprepared for this game. We came without a plan and we haven't been able to react to what Liverpool have been doing and we also can't impose ourselves. Everything is all wrong. It's the...
  • I didn't even react to that goal. Saying that, neither did the team before the goal. :lol:
  • Can't argue with any of that. He called it.
  • Can't remember another game where this has happened at Old Trafford. What a mess.
  • Before the game, there was talk of us getting absolutely battered, but I thought to myself - no - it's Liverpool. A huge game. We'll put a performance in and even if we do lose, it'll be tight. We've looked shit before the game and vulnerable...
  • We look like the away team. Strangers in our own house.
  • The work rate of our players is disgusting, tbh. Liverpool have run absolutely rings around us for all three goals. They've taken the right piss and all we've done is stood there and watched them pass and move. We look like mugs. Proper shitheads.
  • Unfortunately, I do think we can play even worse. We just need to blag a goal from somewhere to spur us into life, but that looks a tall order at this point.
  • Is this a new low, or can we go any lower? The players are giving that crowd absolutely nothing to believe in.