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  1. Tranmere Rovers vs Manchester United

    5 at the back? No.. its 3 at the back. Shaw and dalot will be told to play higher to get more possession in the opposition's half. Yes they will drop back and defend when needed.
  2. We need another forward this January

    Everything you just wrote is my thoughts too. The problem is that the squad hasn't just got shit players, its paper thin too hence why we played Rashford when he should have been rested. Our bench options have been appalling this year with zero quality. Would you rather the bench had: Lingard...
  3. We need another forward this January

    I would have Hererra, Fellaini, Sanchez and Lukaku in a heart beat now. They would solve alot of problems. Letting them go without replacing them was criminal. The problem now is that we wont get anything of the quality needed in a long term deal. This means we can only really look at short...
  4. Carlos Tevez

    The last thread got locked.. lock this one ffs..
  5. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    Tactically inept. As useless as woody and the Glaziers
  6. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Shaw or Williams at right back? Doubt it.
  7. Boubakary Soumaré

    Ah yeah. My bad, I didnt read that bit.
  8. Boubakary Soumaré

    The Daily Mail also reporting it for what it's worth. There were rumours of Jose wanting him here at UTD. The Mail claim we said no for whatever reason. Whether that is true or not, he is a man who knows the European market and Is held in very high esteem in the world of football. Hope we get...
  9. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Gary Neville jusg said on sky sports that he believes we'll play 3412. Bailly maguire and Lindelof at the back. I think this too. We did the same at old Trafford last year and we stopped them from playing. That was of course with Mctominay playing like a beast. Getting a draw today would be...
  10. Boubakary Soumaré

    This supposed Soumaré interest is one that I can see as being the easiest for us do. He's a France u21 star and will absolutely have been scouted extensively due to our large network of scouts, and he has been very good for Lille in Europe as well as the league. So he's not a panic buy at all...
  11. Importance of the January 2020 Transfer Window

    Me too, I agree. I'd love us to sign Soumere and Bruno in January. And then Sancho, Werner, and Koulibaly in the summer. That would transform us to a winning team. It wont happen though will it? We absolutely need 2 midfielders right now just to compete this season but they wont be top tier...
  12. Importance of the January 2020 Transfer Window

    Nail him to a cross outside old Trafford and throw stuff at him. In all seriousness, what can we do?. We all know he's a dick but at least hes trying to get the right players in rather than just spending on average players. That seems to be the new strategy. LVG and Jose got too many players...
  13. Bruno Fernandes | United and Sporting winding us up with 5 days to go

    Your the janitor for the NYSE yeah?