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  1. What do we still need? Aka The never ending story

    We need a lot. Tonight shows that.
  2. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Come on donny. Sort this lot out
  3. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Ole should read the caf. He would have seen that 95% of posters dont rate James. Yet he starts our 1st game over the most promising player we've had for years. Poor management. TFM too.. AWB is on the bench. Why? What has given Ole the opinion that scott Mctominay should start over VDB, Matic...
  4. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    Post #43,624 (page 1091) will be the magic number for the caf record by the way. This saga will get us all the way to 4000 pages wont it. :(
  5. Alex Telles - Agrees 5 year deal with United, clubs to agree fee - Bouhafsi

    That's a good point to be fair. We have obviously watched the portugese league alot and no everything about their talents. Definitely not a panic buy.
  6. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    Ighalo is going in January. Greenwood could become the backup striker as well as getting shared game time with a new permanent non Sancho RW. (Greenwood will eventually be striker full time) James and Mata aren't good enough. Simple as that.. and Rashford has no one to cover him if he's out...
  7. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    Only 17 more pages until a caf record is broken. I'm starting to wonder if its announced just before that 1092nd page. Just to F with us.. No not really. Sancho is obviously not going to happen.
  8. Wot, no transfers? Not really, no.

    No top 4 without 2 more players in my opinion. RW is the obvious one. Who's going to play LW if Rashford is out/playing shit? CB and LB is one we could strengthen as Shaw wont play every game.
  9. Wot, no transfers? Not really, no.

    Arsenal are playing good football and strengthening, spurs getting Bale, höjbjerg, docherty and Reguiló. Wolves and Everton getting in good players. Chelsea getting in loads of top players. Liverpool and city will be strong regardless. We have to strengthen big time. Signing Donny is great but...
  10. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Pogba and Greenwood to start on bench? How is Scott Mctominay after coming off at half time last weekend vs villa? He was playing well so I thought he might of had a slight knock
  11. Jack Grealish / signs new 5 year contract

    Under Jose wasnt it? Its shouldn't be that different, as opposed to the left, for Rashford who should be good enough to play on the right. We are very short on numbers in attack and i would be happy with Grealish this summer and Sancho next.
  12. Harry Kane

    Spurs have the same good players. Its just Jose that is the problem. He will never play the expansive and attacking way that those players deserve to play. They played a great style under Poch, and those same players are getting the Mourinho way thrust at them, which is, 'play my way or the...
  13. Jadon Sancho | James Ducker: United may yet meet Dortmund's £108m asking price for Sancho

    Zorc Doesn't mention Sancho at a presser that he himself wasnt even attending.. = the caf thinks means Sancho will be getting his Carrington photos done as we speak ready for the unveiling outside woody's house at 7pm. Balloons and everything
  14. Sunday Times: Mbappe wants to leave PSG at the end of the season.

    Mbappe probably realises that psg wont let both go, so he should get out 1st. Probably sensible
  15. Club Friendlies - Aston Villa vs Man United on 12/09/2020

    Good assessment. I'm currently at 50 minutes in and we should have scored 2 or 3 easily. Shaw has whipped in 3 glorious crosses that should have had ighalo on the end of them, James could have a hat trick if was actually any good, lingard is being Lingard and Rashford needs to improve big time...