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  1. Premier League Gameweek 8

    I'd still have Poch in for Solskjaer if he'd get the sack. Feel like he'd still elevate this team if given the proper funding.
  2. Nice sack Lamine Diaby-Fadiga after stealing Kasper Dolberg's watch

    Calm down, I wasn't being serious. If Dolberg doesn't want to press charges then why should he be? They resolved it and don't have to spend time on a court case.
  3. Nice sack Lamine Diaby-Fadiga after stealing Kasper Dolberg's watch

    I read and re-read that title about 5 times until I realized it was about the football club Nice... Will be a decent pick-up for whatever club willing to take a punt on him, hopefully, he's learned a lesson. Dolberg having a 70k watch being bang average is the biggest crime here.
  4. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll added)

    We look about the same as we did last year under Mourinho. Absolutely dire football with no creativity in attack. I voted sack, but the only reason we shouldn't do it now is that we simply cannot get anyone better in that would do a good job with the state that the club is in. I'd rather...
  5. Best National XI since you’ve started watching football

    Brazil 2002 Marcos Lucio Edmilson Roque Junior Cafú Gilberto Silva Kléberson Roberto Carlos Ronaldinho Ronaldo Rivaldo
  6. Romelu Lukaku | Inter watch | "Since [second game for United] I imagined how it would feel to leave the club."

    The fact that he came straight after Zlatan who was technically superior didn't help Lukaku. His touch will never be amazing but if he gets to be the spearhead poacher of the attack he'll do well and score goals. I still don't think he'll ever win the Serie A with Inter or that he will ever...
  7. Caption Contest: Stop Crying Your Heart Out

  8. The greatest United value for money signings ever

    I was too young for the Schmeichel era but surely one of the best buys ever. Vidic/Evra deal that was so criticized in the early days is by far my fav signings that we ever made, in the January window as well which is completely mental. Vidic got the Lindelöf treatment and Evra was so so...
  9. How good was Zlatan?

    You would take Berbatov over Zlatan? I didn't mind Berbatov but if you think he's better at that point in time you're having a laugh.
  10. Victor Lindelöf | 2019/20 Performances

    Why not? We've renewed with far worse players than him over the last year. He's one of the few that deserves it.
  11. Victor Lindelöf | 2019/20 Performances

    According to Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet, he's agreed to a new contract with the club that will significantly up his salary. Solskjaer must really believe in him then considering he's got 3 years left on his current deal.
  12. Wesley Sneijder retires

    TBH we all know that Ibrahimovic is a strong-willed individual that doesn't shy away from conflict or confrontations but Van Der Vaart was the golden boy of that Ajax team and treated like a prince. In the end, only one of them ended up really fulfilling their promise and VDV got lazy, which...
  13. Wesley Sneijder retires

    Dismantled mostly because Van Der Vaart didn't get along with Ibrahimovic. They kept the wrong player clearly.
  14. Next Manchester United captain

    I think it's been made pretty much clear to Ashley Young that he won't be the starting option for this season and therefore will be captain in more of a team leader role and as a dressing room motivator. He will get games but DDG will pick up the captaincy on most occasions. A good decision...
  15. Paulo Dybala

    Then you are probably biased. I don't think most people feel that way.