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  1. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    My view is to keep him in the role, get through this patch of bad form. Get our injured players back and sign a creative midfielder and a forward in January. Lets not get in on the sacking merry go round.
  2. Call of duty

    Hello guys, I am looking for a copy of Call of Duty 4 modern warfare or World at war, I can get it online for about 20 quid, but was wondering if any of you guys have a copy that you want to get rid of on the cheap? let me know if your are! Thanks
  3. An apology to City

  4. Football on TV

    yeah they use to have it about 2 or 3 years ago, As well as Holland, Portugal and American Leagues
  5. Football on TV

    So Channel 5 has nothing this year? late night football on there use to be brilliant. Its all espn i presume then? and a subscription charge?
  6. The Soprano's *Contains multiple spoilers*

    Just working my way back through sopranos whilst on night shifts, In season 4, fantastic show!
  7. Membership packs

    Yeah im still waiting on 2 packs, my mate is waiting on a pack too. Hmmm
  8. Football on TV

    Does anybody know what TV channels have which rights this season? e.g Skysports - Spanish football Who has Italian? French? Brazilian etc. thanks
  9. Manchester United vs Fulham

    hate to ask... but anybody got a stream? pm me
  10. FAO Mods - A Message from the grave...

    I do not like your tone Roy, if thats your name, I am not welsh i am very much english.... i am from the shire of glos thank you. Ban Roy
  11. FAO Mods - A Message from the grave...

    Wibble, GB, Marching, Bury Red etc..... A message from Welsh Red Can a Mod please contact me on ASAP, to explain why i have been banned. I admit the wording may not have been appropriate, but at the end of the day it was just "Banter" if it was the other way round, none...
  12. 63 year old woman is preggers...

    and then ends up just like their junkie parents
  13. Taglines

    Whats this all about then
  14. Any United fan who was still watching them lift the trophy

    Walked out of the pub after mourinho started shaking everybody's hand on our bench
  15. Small Time

    what a great waste of time that is :(