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  1. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Thanks mate. Appreciate my fans.
  2. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    There’s no reason to doubt their authenticity. FootballLeaks have been bang on the money about everything they’ve leaked, and the fact that Ronaldo’s lawyers didn’t sue the feck out of Der Spiegel for publishing them speaks volumes.
  3. Paul Pogba - Juventus player

    Apparently it’s better in France.
  4. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    I’d say the leaked documents are pretty concrete.
  5. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    It was dismissed because the evidence was obtained illegally. That doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. His lawyers repeatedly threatened to sue for publishing false evidence. Funnily enough they never went through with it.
  6. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Not really. It’s highly relevant in the same way that this entire forum wouldn’t want Greenwood to play for us again. I despise Ronaldo because he’s a scumbag.
  7. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Sending him to Chelsea would be excellent business. Strengthens us and cripples a rival, get it done.
  8. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Funny because if we actually want to compete at the highest level he needs to be binned.
  9. Christian Eriksen

    Doesn’t that only apply to foreign clubs?
  10. Which post-Fergie manager, given 5 years in charge, would have done the best?

    We didn’t control anything. Teams would simply let us have the ball because we didn’t have a clue what to do with it.
  11. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Barca in 2006 had just won the CL and league while finishing 12 points above Real, and Real hadn’t won a league title in 3 years.
  12. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    “My desire is to play in Spain. Will it be Real or Barcelona? It will be one of them.”
  13. Frenkie de Jong

    This thread gets more ridiculous by the day.
  14. Ronaldo: Stay or go?

    Hilarious. Actually it was Ronaldo himself who said it.