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  1. Steve Bruce leaves Newcastle

    Hope Newcastle go for Arteta.
  2. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Oscar was jettisoned immediately after.
  3. Our transfer strategy under ole looks as directionless as it did under the previous manager

    Read my post again, I'm not pointing fingers at the Sanchez transfer at all, no one could've predicted his decline. But you did get burnt on that, and then went and repeated that again with Ronaldo. And Sancho is a good player no doubt, but that transfer should've been after getting someone like...
  4. Our transfer strategy under ole looks as directionless as it did under the previous manager

    Thats not entirely on Ole though is it. With Utd the matter of optics plays a large role in the transfer dealings. Neither Sancho(city youth product) or Ronaldo(to stop him going to City) were needed. But it was so important to show that Utd had got one over City, that that affected the entire...
  5. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Mourinho usually gives a couple of players complete freedom, and they're the best in the team. He picked Hazard over Salah, though ofcourse it could be said that Salah peaked later in his career than Hazard. I still think playing in a well oiled machine like Liverpool has helped Salah a lot, and...
  6. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Why not, we're comparing their primes together. Their time playing for the same team, and manager is very relevant.
  7. Brendan Rodgers - Leicester City manager

    He's a good baseline level manager. Not as good as the very best, but those are anyway not available. Arsenal don't have much chance of getting him, but Utd are definitely a step up. Just hope Newcastle don't get him.
  8. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    Prime Hazard is better than anything Salah is showing now. Also Hazard did it for a procession of managers, most of them defensive minded. Salah only really burst into form for Klopps Liverpool. Both of them were in the same team for a bit weren't they ? There was no question who was the better...
  9. Premier League Matchday 8

    Klopp is the best manager in the world atm. That OGS isn't as good as him is no slight on Ole.
  10. Television Seinfeld

    4th season really, when the budget improved a little. But the last two seasons are why they're immortal.
  11. Television Squid Game (Netflix)

    :lol:, knew it was risky territory.
  12. Television Squid Game (Netflix)

    The protagonist looks a bit like Hyeung ming Son, doesnt he. Especially when he smiles.
  13. Television Squid Game (Netflix)

    Thats hardly any better though. Watching it in Korean would be the real thing. I read that Understanding that would've been something, otherwise there's hardly any difference between dubbing and subtitles.
  14. Cold War against China?

    How the feck they're maintaining and escalating confrontations on multiple fronts, I'll never know. What they need is economic sanctions.
  15. Emi Martinez

    He's reached that point in the hype cycle that his good saves will be bigged up and his poor ones will be ignored. Both of them were regulation saves which either Leno or Ramsdale would've made.