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  1. Wirecard accounting scandal | New Enron?

    This is quite an interesting read from a blogger I follow. He called them out all the way back in 2008.
  2. The curious case of Jon Moss

    Shouldn't be allowed at the pitch as he is in the risk group for Covid-19 being overweight and 70+.
  3. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    No Pogba. Sack Ole, sell Bruno!
  4. SARS CoV-2 coronavirus / Covid-19 (No tin foil hat silliness or memes please)

    Finland Just declared a state of emergency. Borders will be closed, Schools will be closed, People over the age of 70 are put in a quarantine, crowds over 10 people are banned among other things.
  5. Everton vs Manchester United

    This feckin ref should never be allowed on a pitch again
  6. Manchester United vs Watford

    Martial :houllier::houllier::houllier:
  7. Manchester United vs Watford

    So poor from Martial
  8. Chelsea vs Manchester United

  9. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Bruno showing his class
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Fred is becoming one of my favourite players in this team. One of very few to show some heart and courage .
  11. Jadon Sancho | First player in Bundesliga history to score 25 goals before his 20th birthday

    If he came here and performed at Rashfords level from the right wing I'd be over the moon.
  12. 6 realistic signings to improve us?

    Werner and Sancho would be my top targets. DDG AWB Lindelöf Maguier Williams Fred Pogba Sancho Fernandes Rashford Werner
  13. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Should be benched after that. Haven't seen Ighalo play since he left Watford but he can't be any worse then that.
  14. Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

    Martial making Lingard look like a world beater.
  15. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Pereira has to be the most stupid player ever