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  • Yes, there is a visible calmness in his demeanour. My theory is that its maturity, plain and simple. He's 29. Age changes everyone but it is particularly visible with intelligent, creative midfielders.
  • What are you even talking about. I've been a full member for quite some time so obviously, my 1000 posts have nothing to do with the 10 likes that got me here. Do you not understand how the likes system works? But then, thanks for proving my...
  • Four years in the newbies. Why do you think that is? Maybe because you make shite posts? I'd wager you'll be in there for many more years.
  • Amazing performance. 2 assists is what everyone picks up on but he also played the pre-assist for the first 2 goals. What a player!
  • Amazing to have both Ronaldo and Messi (lingard) in the team at the same time!
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    That's just over one in three shots from outside the box going on target. How many players have a better ratio? Very few, in any. And that, friend, is why the hyperbole makes sense.
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    "I am a big fan of Michael [Carrick]," the former Barcelona boss said at the time. "He is one of the best holding midfielders I've ever seen in my life by far. "He's the level of Xabi Alonso and Sergio Busquets." Pep Guardiola - not on a Utd forum
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    Somewhat overrated. Had possibly the best long passing technique I've ever seen but lacked the ability to control the game like a Scholes or a Carrick.
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    Your first and last sentences are at odds sir.
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    He put the ball on an Trincao's foot twice for two out of the four good chances they had. Watch the highlights again if you need to. Did his job.
  • How does he talk about him? Haven't heard him say much about him at all, other than saying he couldn't understand his and other younger player's sense of humour.
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    There was absolutely no need for a first time finish. He should have been controlling that and picking his spot, the striker. In that situation that's as good a pass as you can expect. Any slower and its going to get intercepted with ease.
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    That's really not his fault. I've previously made the point that Traore is really unique in that he creates a lot more than the stats show but his teammates let him down. Against spurs it was the same. He rinsed Tanganga and put it on a plate...
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    I mean at the very least, this is the guy a big club should have in the squad if not starting. Imagine a tight game defending a one-goal lead in the last 20 minutes, and you throw on Adama Traore. He would effectively pin back their backline or...
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    I don't think anyone at Wolves is tearing it up in terms of assists either. They are really bad at converting. I mean, there's no reason why that striker couldn't trap the ball and finish instead of trying to take it on first time. And it really...