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  1. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player | 20 minute hat-trick on Bundesliga debut

    The other Dortmund attackers just have to play the ball in behind and he will score every fecking game.
  2. Erling Haaland | Dortmund player | 20 minute hat-trick on Bundesliga debut

    His runs are unreal. He gets in behind, evading the offside trap so often and his finishing is clinical.
  3. Transfer Tweets - 2019/20 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I want to see Woodward announce Fernandes like that. @Olly Gunnar Solskjær get on it ;)
  4. Mike's Sheep Draft

    Sure. @Michaelf7777777
  5. Mike's Sheep Draft

    @Marty1968 Whenever you want, mate. Can do it tomorrow. Any day after is fine too. Whatever suits you.
  6. Mike's Sheep Draft

    Sorry, bruv.
  7. Mike's Sheep Draft

    I see you, Michael Owen. You forgot handsome.
  8. Mike's Sheep Draft

    This round takes 10 mins to research. Sent.
  9. Mike's Sheep Draft

    :lol: Sold.
  10. Mike's Sheep Draft

    :lol: Sorry, @Enigma_87 Thought i was Sherlock Holmes for a second there.
  11. Mike's Sheep Draft

    I did too! Both Vieira and Mendieta were on variations of FIFA covers. Anyway, sorry for the outrage y'all, it's just a fecking internet game after all :lol: I'll pick some weird team and get knocked out in the first round.
  12. Mike's Sheep Draft

    You're the guy behind this whole conspiracy aint you? Should have known.
  13. Mike's Sheep Draft

    No idea. I do have an idea why someone would do it in 2020 though. You're pretty good with photoshop, right? You know it's funny, if you google "Batistuta celebration", that picture on that cover is the first picture that pops up. Probably a coincidence though..
  14. Mike's Sheep Draft Those below are listed, yes. Batistuta is not listed there and i can't see a single Batistuta cover when doing various google searches. Your pic is also missing the FIFA water mark top right on the cover. Also, there's a lot of white...
  15. Mike's Sheep Draft

    It's not your fault. Well, not entirely.