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  1. European Super League | 14 Premier League Clubs to hold emergency meeting today

    Don't agree. It will devalue the fixtures. About this super league plans, It is a self serving venture from all these owners. No mention about involvement of fans. Control of football shouldn't rest on the owners. They are just part of it and should never own it.
  2. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    @Damien skipping this draft
  3. India politics thread

    PM being the authority should not even be holding rallies. Very worried about the current state of affairs. In Karnataka they are flipping around with half measures. Its worse as it is. Just look at other states and clamp down asap.
  4. India politics thread

    Why there is no serious discussion and coverage about postponing the current phases of election and putting a total stop on rallies, i don't know. It was bad enough there was utter lack of social distancing in general but to further exacerbate it just flies in the face of the advice given by...
  5. Television Game of Thrones (TV) • The watch has ended

    Ugh. Hard to recall that season without getting upset.
  6. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    Entertaining half.
  7. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    Feck. I guess we are going to play 6 times this season. I would be happy with progressing in the cup.
  8. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    Surely PSG can't feck this chance.
  9. Gaming The SM RedCafe League

    My view: I have noticed price changes usually happen between 8.15-8.45 GMT the day after players are added. This applies if a bid was made or not. Maybe there is further info in the forums. So for good measure, a cut off of 10.00 GMT which is 26hrs after player is added could work. Option A...
  10. Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

    Brilliant. Great 2nd half.
  11. Champions League Quarter Finals 2020/21 - Apr 6/7 & 13/14

    How long do they need to check that.
  12. German Football 20/21

    Oh he is back. Hopefully he can kick on now.
  13. Lukaku: Aguero successor

    Citizen's Kane looks rather more likely.