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  1. Victor Lindelöf | 2019/20 Performances

    Lindelof was our best player last year. Not saying much but still, he was and it wasn't even really that close. He gets more time but I'd definitely drop him for axel for a bit
  2. Paulo Dybala

    Where did Dybala play last year? Basically, is 5 league goals something to be concerned about if he's to replace Lukaku? Because I don't have any problem with losing Lukaku at all but we will lose 15 goals and I'm just wondering if Dybala can provide them? Not saying either way, just asking as...
  3. Right Winger... Who do we go for?

    I wanted Mahrez after last season, now even more so.
  4. CL should introduce wildcards, says Barca president

    No, terrible idea.
  5. Mourinho's Transfers in the last few years

    Looking at that list, there have been a lot of successful ones. Some flops, but those were mainly due to them being unnecessary rather than particularly poor, which isn't exactly a bad problem to have. Only really bad one would be Falcao, and we're in no position to talk about that.
  6. BBC: United hold talks with Mourinho

    What does the title change refer to?
  7. Caf Influence now noted in the Telegraph

    We are witnessing a revolution.
  8. This new 'block the keeper's view' free kick routine

    Jesus, if Arsenal or Barca did this it'd be all over social media as part of the "beautiful football" that they play. There's no loophole, it's just a clever tactic that we may as well use if we find ourselves with a free-kick. Isn't this what football's all about? Do you lot want entertaining...
  9. This new 'block the keeper's view' free kick routine

    Would you all prefer us not to score? We may be having an awful season, and yes I want Van Gaal sacked, but credit where credit's due, we saw another team trying it, they were successful, and we have used it ourselves. What's wrong with that? It shows initiative or something. Who cares if...
  10. Annihilate Now! on BBC Radio 5 Live Sport now!

    Difficult to judge from the back of her head.
  11. Annihilate Now! on BBC Radio 5 Live Sport now!

    From the 5Live stream. She's on the 'caf I think?
  12. WBA

    They're so inconsistent. They always seem to pull these massive results off a few times a season and then go and do something like lose to Reading in the FA cup. Strange team, but one I've always liked. Good to see Fletch doing so well too.