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  1. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Thought City played very well. Jesus, Rodri and KDB had a good game so far.
  2. Premier League Gameweek 9

    Wow what a finish by Laporte.
  3. Berbatov

    Legendary? What did he even do for Bulgaria? Throughout his time as the Bulgaria captain they didn't even qualify for any major competitions. He was scoring against bums in friendlies and qualifiers. :lol::lol::lol:
  4. Which position do you think will become obsolete in the future?

    A more apt discussion would be roles/playing styles. The pitch is still same, every area needs to be filled up, therefore no position will be rendered obsolete.
  5. Carrick is one of Man United, England's most underrated players ever

    You are comparing him with the ATGs of the club, which, obviously he is a tier below. But he is easily a tier above the likes of Butt, Fletcher, Ince, Stiles, McClair etc. You can say he is in a category of his own for CMs.
  6. Carrick is one of Man United, England's most underrated players ever

    Carrick would easily walk into the midfield of any side in the PL today. To say he was just decent is wrong IMO. Ndidi Partey Jorginho Winks Rodri Fabinho
  7. Anthony Martial | 2020/21 Performances

    We tried it with Martial and Depay. There were certain games in this season too. Both Rashford and Martial are terrible on the right flank. Never worked and will never work.
  8. James Rodriguez | Everton Player

    Honestly what does he do other than take the ball and play the lofted pass to the left?
  9. Film Why do old films work, where their modern day equivalent wouldn't?

    Older films are not easily available to us, most people will have to search and download. In such situations, we tend to select the critically acclaimed ones because obviously we do not want to waste our time with shite films. Compare that to mainstream films which is force fed to us, the...
  10. Film Films that really don’t live up to the hype

    Django Unchained The Departed Scarface The Conversation One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Ikiru Chinatown
  11. Film Acting that left you speechless.

    J.K Simmons - Whiplash Anthony Hopkins - Silence of the Lambs Kevin Spacey - American Beauty Jim Carrey - The Truman Show F. Murray Abraham - Amadeus Mads Mikkelson - The Hunt Dustin Hoffman - Rain Man Toni Collette - Hereditary Malcolm McDonald - A Clockwork Orange Tony Leung - Mood...
  12. The Make A Fecking Sub Ole Thread

    I thought he was very lucky with Bruno. I know he wants the hat-trick but Everton were trying their hardest to get him sent off.
  13. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Replace the jersey and with red and you have would thought that was us playing at our worst. Slow passes, low intensity and devoid of creativity. Towards the end when they should be chasing for the winner, players were back passing and not running. You could hear screams from the sidelines. :lol:
  14. Premier League Gameweek 8

  15. Premier League Gameweek 8

    Romario-esque goal there.