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  1. Television Star Trek

    Orville > both of them.
  2. Television Star Trek

    When I first watched discovery I couldn't get into it. I recently gave it another chance and enjoyed both series. I thought that Pike and Spock were really strong characters
  3. Your most overrated footballer

    Kagawa. Have no clue what inspired his cult.
  4. Guilty football pleasures

    I really enjoyed one particular performance
  5. Other Joe Rogan

    Its the wrong time to be paid one hundred million dollars to use a different website?
  6. Positives from Mourinho's spell at United?

    Sacking him mid-season instead of waiting until the end of the season was a huge positive
  7. Did he really play for us?

    I was very excited about this
  8. Is this next season's home kit for United?

    Jesus Christ. I can't wait to return to Nike.
  9. Cheating clubs: LASK cought on video

    Wasn't The Toxic One caught running training sessions in a park?
  10. F1 2020 Season

    Maybe this is a co-incidence....maybe not
  11. F1 2020 Season

    Most people seem to really liked Ricciardo, but after Drive to Survive etc I just find him smug. Not a huge fan of him ending up at Mclaren. Maybe im being unfair
  12. Maguire’s value

    The difference between Maguire's captaincy and Young/Valencia's is enormous. Who would have thought it would better to give the armband to an important first team player with proven leadership skills instead of a 34 year old squad player who has been at the club for a long time. It also helps...
  13. Is Rory Delap a Premier League legend?!...

    Cult hero.
  14. NHS phone tracing app

    Trust them with what data exactly? Knowing if I prefer Asda to Tesco? If GCHQ want to hack my Facebook account I highly doubt they need to rely on an NHS app to do it.