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  1. Utd Kits 22/23

    Adidas have always made nice Real Madrid kits
  2. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    Out of his depth since the moment he arrived. Excellent at blaming other people in press conferences, but utterly hopeless at improving a team. The narrative that has somehow built up that he wasn't hired to improve results, but is only here to brief the next manager is beyond bizarre.
  3. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    Sounds like we have found a saga already
  4. Facundo Pellistri | 2021/22 Performances

    A very mid table attitude. Settle for the best we can find on hand even he can't start in Scotland? It would certainly save money which could be used for dividends
  5. I solemnly swear I won’t get hyper excited over transfer business

    A fantastic City team just signed Haaland, the league is over for years even if we do improve. Might as well enjoy the transfers, something about the sport has to be fun
  6. Facundo Pellistri | 2021/22 Performances

    Isn't he a squad player for Rangers? How does that translate to becoming a stater for United next season?
  7. Facundo Pellistri | 2021/22 Performances

    Crazy how much money was invested in the panic buy of Diallo and Pellistri when we missed out on Sancho. Wonder if they will ever start 5 games between them
  8. Richard Arnold cleaning house | Making 'significant changes' to Social Media strategy etc.

    I'd feel better if we just signed a proven Director of football instead of handing more and more power to an internal ally of Woodward who has never built a team in his life
  9. Paul Pogba | "Likes Torino"

    Don't doubt for a second that if he goes to City they will put a strong midfield around him and he will instantly be a huge success.
  10. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    The revisionism continues. He was brought in to save the season and improve the team. The consultancy was an after thought, United had to give him something because he had a long term contract in Russia.
  11. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    We would be miles better under Carrick All this talk about 'its all the players and the manager is powerless' is bullshit. it's not like we are asking him to beat Real Madrid, under Ralf we have embarrassed ourselves against some of the dregs of the Premier league.
  12. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    It's almost as if there was a reason this football hipster genius was working in Russia
  13. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    God knows why Austria want him. Maybe he really is good at transfers, but he is an awful manager.
  14. Ralf Rangnick | Interim manager | does anyone rate him?

    Atleast he managed one good performance, two might have been greedy
  15. Jesse Lingard 'to leave on a free'

    All this fuss for a player who should have left the club 4 managers ago