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  1. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Rashford has a good chance in the first half. Mendy almost scored as well.
  2. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Nearly with his first touch
  3. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    You ever watch a bunch of toddlers play football? All the energy but every one of them just chases after the ball all at once. James is one of those.
  4. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Ole: “Teach him how to fecking shoot, Edi”
  5. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Surely James will be sold in January or at the end of the season. Surely Ole knows he just isn’t good enough.
  6. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    What a gift that would have been
  7. 'Pep' Guardiola sack watch

    Surely Klopp
  8. Post match vs Paris St Germain

    Just a fantastic performance. De Gea absolutely phenomenal, back to his best there. Tuanzebe after not playing for almost a year comes in and is the best centre back on the pitch. Both Tuanzebe and AWB had Neymar and Mbappe in their pockets, crazy good performances. So refreshing to see Telles...
  9. Bruno, Fred, McT

    I’d like to see 3 at the back though.
  10. Should we be worried about Rashford?

    I’m basing it over the entire hame, he was pretty awful if you don’t include the last 10 minutes. Last 10 minutes he was good. I’m not going to change my opinion of his performance based on a last 10 minute spell where he had acres of space because Newcastle were chasing.
  11. David De Gea | 2020/21 Performances

    We will have to agree to disagree but nobody it taking that away from his performance tonight :)
  12. Bruno, Fred, McT

    I haven’t watched them to be honest so could t really comment. I think he is a good squad player but we all overhype players as United fans. We do have a very basic bunch of players for the best part but in McTominays case he is a good squad player or good for rotation in ‘smaller’ games.
  13. Bruno, Fred, McT

    Thought McTominay played really well today. Some of his forward passing into attacking positions really helped
  14. David De Gea | 2020/21 Performances

    He didn’t have a chance, wrong footed because he expected a cross, just a freak goal. No goalkeeper would have saved that.
  15. David De Gea | 2020/21 Performances

    World class save. Great performance and a big boost in confidence.