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  1. Watching Premier League in Indonesia HELP

    I was in Vietnam and Malaysia for the last few weeks and nearly every bar had PL shown live, got to a bar?
  2. Paul Pogba | 2017/18 Performances

    I don't think he's overrated at all, yet against the top 6 he just about always has awful performances. I still can't work out why, big games go to his head? Or maybe just as simple as a midfield 2 get too easily overrun.
  3. Manchester United vs Everton (FA Premier League)

    It's on BT Sports isn't it?
  4. Leicester City vs Manchester United (FA Premier League)

    Falcaoo what a ball
  5. Leicester City vs Manchester United (FA Premier League)

    I honestly thought i had misheard him, what a bellend.
  6. Manchester United vs Valencia (Pre-season Friendly)

    Any one with a decent stream, i would greatly appreciate it :)
  7. Manchester United vs Real Madrid (Pre-season Friendly)

    This is available on normal Spanish TV to anyone here in Spain. :)