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  1. Declan Rice

    Can someone explain how United would line up with him if we pretended he was in our team now? I'm legitimately curious.
  2. The Athletic to be acquired by The New York Times Company in Q1 2022

    I agree with all that. I thought you meant his ego killed the quality of Grantland.
  3. The Athletic to be acquired by The New York Times Company in Q1 2022

    I'm curious why you think Simmons' ego killed it. I've read his work since the Page 2 days, and although I find him too repetitive now, I never found his ego to be a problem. It seems like he gets a lot of hate, but I feel his unique approach to sports writing and risk-taking should be applauded...
  4. Paul Pogba | 2021/22 Performances

    I don't believe the 500K rumors for a second.
  5. Players with excellent strike and delivery

    Christian Eriksen.
  6. Harry Maguire | 2021/22 Performances

    That first ball he failed to deal with effectively was very telling; as a viewer you could feel the anxiety he felt in dealing with a routine play for a defender. To me it is all in his head. Normally we see this total loss of confidence with strikers like Torres and Shevchenko for example, but...
  7. Jordan Henderson : voices player welfare fears

    Boo hoo. Go ask Klopp to play Minamino or Konate more than once per season.
  8. Guardiola talks strike

    Since some have mentioned Klopp in this, let's remember he started Salah in the last CL group game vs Milan with top spot sealed. Rotate your squad or go to another league.
  9. Player transformations

    This has to be the most unbelievable one, as in I'd never believe it without the article. He was such an entertaining player to watch for QPR bc he seemed to give zero fs about the consequences of his creative play. Cool to see he evolved and prolonged his career.
  10. Potential striker signings (who aren't named Haaland)

    I like Moreno too; he looks like a striker who lives and breathes to score.
  11. Premier League Referees

    They are being aided by the match commentators too. When Ederson bundled over Fraser, they kept repeating that Fraser wasn't near enough the ball as if you can just trip anyone anytime you kike if they're not near the ball.
  12. Premier League Gameweek 17+18

    A bit hard to critique when he has barely had Bamford and Phillips this season.
  13. Jack Grealish | Man City

    Bosh willingly accepted his role and was integral in two titles. He was one of the original 'stretch fours' that spaced the floor for Lebron and Wade to have more open lanes to the basket. Bosh was actually a perfect fit for that Miami Heat team bc of his skill set and unselfishness.