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  1. Sky Sports predict Liverpool to beat us 1-5 | Predicted Villa to beat Arsenal 2:1 but they lost. Doh.

    It's better typed this way around. Setup line followed by the punchline with a twist. You're welcome.
  2. Midfield three of Matic, Fred & McT

    It works, and might be worth a good in the odd one of game (or with one of Pogba/VdB in place of either Fred/McT). Problems with it, means 5 of the following 6 on the bench, Sancho, Rashford, Cavani, Greenwood, Lingard, Martial (assuming Bruno/Ronaldo sure starters in the front 3). Ole did...
  3. Television Taskmaster | Series 12 starts 23rd September

    Surprised not even 1 comment tonight, have people lost interest? It's the first series for a while where I've really liked all of the contestants. A few of the tasks tonight were a bit shit though.
  4. Pogba, Cavani, Sancho off the bench.

    De Beek, Martial, Lingard, Mata, Diallo as well. Our 10th best attacking option is probably a better player than our best genuine CM. Balance?
  5. Paul Scholes the pundit

    Yeah Scholes is a poor pundit but I do think he's correct on this one. We're almost always extremely open. Sure 3-2s are great entertainment but it's not how you win titles. Tbh last night, we could have been 3-0 up HT with an inch or two different here and there. Other nights we could have lost...
  6. Why booing the players is acceptable but booing the manager is anathema?

    I think booing at HT/FT is fine, so long as in the 2nd half or next game the fans urge the team on during the game. I've moved a fair so have been to numerous lower league clubs home games when living nearby, and when a fan base turns toxic it's just a negative cycle. Fans get frustrated...
  7. Manchester United vs Atalanta

    I'm weirdly looking forward to this game. I expect Atalanta will give us all sorts of problems but they do leave themselves exposed. Can see us winning 4-2 or something.
  8. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Tbf to Ole, in terms of developing youth he has also turned Rashford, 21 when Ole took over, into a first XI. He was only starting 50% of games under Jose, was not only rotating with Martial but also Sanchez was weirdly bought in and given the starting LW role. The same for McTominay, Martial...
  9. Premier League Matchday 8

    Yeah, I don't know what people expect. Well, aside from expecting him to say verbatim what they want him to say. Neville has been pretty consistent in not outright saying a United manager should be sacked, same with Moyes, LvG, Jose and Ole. It's not because he's Oles mate as people portray it...
  10. How long did it take you

    It was obvious pretty early that he would need either a lot of support or a lot of luck. Think it's been clear for years, even pre Ole, that we need better squad planning/oversight in terms of transfers in and out, that you would expect from a DoF for example. It was also fairly clear from Ole...
  11. Ole is unhappy that we haven't bought a CM

    The whole squad management is sub standard. How much of this is Ole, how much the board, Murtough, Judge, Ed or whoever else is involved who knows. Cba to play a guessing game when apportioning blame. If it was money, then why extend Matas contract, and keep all of Martial, Lingard and VdB...
  12. Paul Scholes: Give Ole Until The End Of The Season

    Scholes is a terrible pundit. I don't even mind his opinion as such, its just the lack of substance to the opinion. He's bought players. Won a couple games. It's just meaningless waffle. Not just this instance but every opinion he has. I don't even get why he does punditry, he doesn't seem to...
  13. Newcastle United now owned by the PIF | PL receives "legally binding assurances that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not control NUFC" ;)

    I still can't get past how much that woman looks like a human-cat hybrid.
  14. What will be done eventually, must be done immediately

    Yeah that's true. I'd love to see us have the cajones to back a young hipster manager, like the Ajax manager or whoever. I think generally they get snapped up before they reach the status level that our board would take a punt on them though.
  15. What will be done eventually, must be done immediately

    Nah, we will do the classic one extreme to the other before that. So we'll get either a big name experienced coach, or an up and coming hipster favourite. But we'll get whoever is available when we finally let Ole go, rather than plan in advance and get the number one target. They will then...