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  1. Realistically how brutal does Erik Ten Hag need to be?

    I wish he could read this or otherwise realise that almost the entire fanbase of this club is fed up with the players and will be behind all the coach's decisions next year, especially if they are to the detriment of the players. I hope he will not try to be a nice guy and win the sympathy of...
  2. Robert Lewandowski

    They should go for Gabriel Jesus to replace him
  3. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

  4. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Antonio has my vote foe United POTS
  5. Why are Pep and Klopp so dominant in the EPL?

    I think the time has come to discuss if the forum should be renamed to either Pep/Klopp/City or Liverpoolcafe
  6. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Can‘t understand how Henderson still has a starting spot in that team
  7. Champions League Semi Finals (26th Apr - 4th May)

    Good stuff. Madrid doesn‘t loose finals
  8. Van Dijk revisited

    I'd argue he is a better 1 vs 1 defender than Baresi and Beckenbauer. He is also bigger, stronger and faster than them. I am not saying he should be regarded higher than them, but when you say he can only get to the all time 2nd tier of defenders because of dribbling ability, shooting technique...
  9. Champions League Semi Finals (26th Apr - 4th May)

    This will be a loooong night for Liverpool
  10. Premier League Gameweek 33-35

    Everton got the shithousery skills of a spanish or south american team. Even their fans contribute
  11. Premier League Gameweek 33-35

    Is the 6 second rule for goalkeepers not existing anymore? Pickford had the ball in his hands for 20+ seconds for the second time in the span of 5 minutes
  12. Premier League Gameweek 33-35

    Why no VAR what the hell is going on? Freekick Chelsea and yellow card for Saka would be the right decision
  13. More goals in woman's football because women feel more?

    Yes that was unnecessary and I edited it out. But I would argue that they are extremely well trained tactically but what is totally lacking is physique. I think it was the Australian women's national team which is one of the best sides in the world that was loosing to a under 17 team of boys...
  14. More goals in woman's football because women feel more?

    Shiels comment aside, but who is really enoying woman’s football? I‘d rather watch sunday league games. I‘d even argue the niveau is higher.
  15. Will Liverpool ever lose a game again?

    By that time Davies is back from injury. If he is at his best again you won‘t see much of Salah.