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  • 3pm Saturday kickoff again, seems legit. Swear we've played all but 2/3 of our games untelevised already this season.
  • This is the only outcome!
  • The guy is a cult legend of the club and an ambassador, if he wants his chant to be halted from now, he deserves that much respect. See no problem here, chant only comes out when we go up against the scousers anyway.
  • Say what you want about Ole and the players, but when the pressure is starting to mount they can pull a decent run of form out the bag, I expect tonight to be the begining of said run and we sorely need it, another loss will not go down well.
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    Tyler has a stick up his ar$e when it comes to United, nothing new.
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    Ive been Ole in from start to now, but you'd have to feel we would be missing a trick by not tempting Zidane's next destination, as I've previously said, I feel Ole has done a good job in getting United back to a steady level but job description...
  • Politics in a nut shell!
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    Noble Practically bounces off him! :lol:
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    Now we have VAR I really think an inquest should be held into why some decisions are deemed not worthy of scrutinizing when to most fans and ex players, their decisions are bewildering. Only way the standards of refereeing get better in my honest...
  • Think it was clear Scott wasn't ready yesterday, game passed him by for large parts, but for most games where we expect not to hold the ball for long periods, they are our best combination as they break up attacks and work together well.
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    Just like Maguire in my eyes, very much needed by us but will cost a bomb. Varane, Maguire and Rice is more than enough quality to hold back teams from countering to often.
  • You could say they were doing jumping jacks now. I'll get my coat.
  • West ham fans applauded him coming onto the pitch out of respect for what he contributed towards their season last year, Jesse returns that respect by not celebrating a goal that has probably just lost them the game. It was his way of showing...
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    Constantly eating pot noodles wouldn't be cheap to be fair.
  • Delighted for him and what a fooking finish! :devil: