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  1. England vs Iceland

  2. David James to Bristol City

    He'll be a player and a coach alongside Herman "herminator" Hreiðarson. Hopefully in 20 years time we'll have good icelandic keeper for the national team.
  3. QPR vs. Manchester United

    :lol: ffs
  4. Goodbye David Gill

    Edward Woodward
  5. David de Gea | 2011-14 Performances

    The confirmation bias is quite big concerning the capabilities of de Gea.
  6. Manchester United vs Fulham

    We need to step up the pace in the second half. Fulham are giving us acres of space but we aren't exploiting it. Perfect environment for Kagawa to come on.
  7. I Was a Paid Internet Shill

    I don't think I've encountered shill at the moment. I'll have to think about it while driving home in my brand new Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé.
  8. Wigan Athletic v Manchester United

    We need a gif of that play in the end
  9. Mass fish suicide in Iceland

    There must opportunaties in catching the dead herring! But it's probably risky, you'd need big pollocks to go for it.
  10. Joey Barton | Does a Schteve Joey quick to develop a french accent.
  11. Crazy Icelandic indoor tournament

    Go feck yourself! nahh kidding I think it's from the towns in the Reykjanes peninsula, which explains everything.
  12. Referees may boycott Chelsea games...

    I think it'll linger in referees mind for a long time, which is quite worrying for Chelsea. I think referees are very vulnerable in todays game and I think the only solution is more technology, assisting them getting the decisions right.
  13. Chelsea vs. Manchester United

    Sign him up