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    Well I only watched the last 40 mins but what a great performance. Great attitude and belief, dominated the play, didn't get frustrated by the shit refereeing, stayed patient to the end and got the last minute goal. Fantastic. Impressed with...
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    Mastny Williams Mengi Fish Rojo Galbraith Mejbri Fernandez Pellistri Elanga Shoretire Would be my guess.
  • Definitely. Minanda and Ximelez would be proud.
  • That is a seriously cool pair of winger names right there. Guaranteed to form an understanding.
  • Lolz
  • Carvalho is one of the all time best PL CBs. I don't love Luiz but he's had a great career really. Ruben Dias is going to do really well for City - the type of player they've lacked since Kompany left in that he's tough, can defend and still ball...
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    Only 2 months away, he won't take any great harm.
  • Let's hope he's better than Varane.
  • I think he was pretty poor until the Spurs game where he did a bit better but obviously the defence overall got absolutely buggered so it's hardly like he was going to get praised to high heaven. Same as De Gea even though the goals weren't...
  • Have to agree, I actually think it's a great sign that he did this in a big game. Previously he's usually either played well in a game or been poor and not contributed much. In this one he was largely poor but still won the game for us. That's...
  • 10th best CB in the tournament! :lol: Very precise.
  • Absolutely incredible performance given his long layoff, and that interview is perfect :lol: . If he can stay fit I reckon he'll take that spot off Lindelof for sure. Also means that Jones, Rojo, Bailly and Fosu Mensah just aren't necessary any...
  • I have a funny feeling he's not much cop at defending but dem crosses doe.
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    In fairness, I doubt Fred sometimes but he was class again tonight, probably better than McT. They both lack a bit of finesse but they don't half have a lot of heart.
  • I don't think anyone should ever write the CL off so long as you're in it. Porto, Monaco, Liverpool (twice?) - it's not always the best team that wins it. Belief, form and sheer good luck play a huge part.