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  1. Worst players we’ve been linked with

    I wouldn't pay £30m. And if we signed him I'd play him at CB.
  2. Worst players we’ve been linked with

    Just needed the right manager to make him feel loved. A kiss from a Rose for example would have been music to his ears.
  3. Should the women's game have smaller stuff in it?

    They wouldn't need special grounds, what's the point making the pitch smaller, women can run just bloody fine. Being 6" shorter than male goalkeepers is definitely an issue though so smaller goals would make sense. It wouldn't be that difficult to implement for (professional) women's football -...
  4. Worst players we’ve been linked with

    Declan Rice.
  5. Harry Maguire Injury | Ole: He's making progress and he's quite positive [for the Europa League Final]

    England would be fine without him if they picked their best defenders. I'd go with 2 out of 3 of Tarkowski, Dunk and Konsa. Southgate won't do this though so they're probably knackered.
  6. The shocking decline of Trent Alexander Arnold

    I think James has been a better crosser this year. Trent is second to none when it comes to pinging balls over the top though.
  7. Andy Burnham - Next Labour Leader?

    I certainly don't remember it, not sure it could end her chances completely. Burnham has a questionable history as well on some topics, doesn't mean he wouldn't come across better now. What did Boris say about the blue collar man?
  8. Andy Burnham - Next Labour Leader?

    It's not a very good scandal is it?
  9. Andy Burnham - Next Labour Leader?

    I don't follow, what's happening there?
  10. Ebere Eze

    He's not ready to leave Palace yet. Doesn't influence the game enough. You can see the ability though, should become a very good player if he keeps developing.
  11. Andy Burnham - Next Labour Leader?

    Thornberry would be better but Burnham would be a lot better than the other shambling mounds of shite who seem to inhabit the Labour front benches these days. Even the principled ones that I like just come across as a bit useless / back bench fodder. Nandy is the fecking wurst.
  12. Has the fans' protest cost us?

    If anyone has cost us anything it's our dickhead owners. [/thread]
  13. Confirmation of CB

    Camavinga or maybe Renato Sanches for DM, Botman (is he any good?) or maybe Tarkowski at CB and that would already be a good window. If you can get a world class attacker in as well like Haaland, Mbappé, Sancho, Grealish etc then it's suddenly a great window.
  14. Post match vs Liverpool

    Woeful. Inept. Shoddy. Sloppy in midfield, shite in defence. Poor keeping to boot. Every time Rashford doesn't start up against Trent and Rhys Williams on the left an angel dies. Liverpool were trash and yet deserved winners.
  15. Post match vs Leicester City

    He needs to be braver in his play. He's not done badly but he needs to take more responsibility on to match his ability.