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  1. Greatest goal creators

    Riquelme. Just strolled around scratching his balls and creating chances when he felt like it.
  2. The Icardi soap opera | Icardashians?

    Go on then, show us your supermodel girlfriend :lol:
  3. Mo Salah

    Mané is the greediest cnut going. He's just not as good as Salah.
  4. The Icardi soap opera | Icardashians?

    But...she's left him it seems...
  5. Prime Hazard or Prime Salah?

    When in good form, Hazard for me. Guy was an insane dribbler and very difficult to stop. I think Salah is the sort of player that wins you leagues though, due to his quality and consistency. Like young Ronaldo was.
  6. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    It's irrelevant, we held onto Moyes far, far too long. Van Gaal we were cruel but honestly probably still too long, Mourinho had to go full sabotage mode to get sacked. It's not because he's lovely Ole, it's because the board are bad at choosing coaches, it's undeniable. So thanks for the...
  7. Ole: “maybe something has to give”

    Huh? Tbh if this is purgatory then what were our last 3 managers, hell? This has nothing to do with being an ex-player, simply that he's not good enough to manage this squad.
  8. Post match vs Leicester City

    I think Ole's time is up now isn't it? Really hope Zidane is up for the job. Shocking defending and kept the ball poorly. Leicester weren't much better on those fronts but their forwards took their chances better.
  9. Racism in Italy - even anti-racism is filled with racism

    Nailed it. It's often the same in Portugal and (I think) probably Spain as well. Although admittedly in Portugal whenever racist incidents happen, a lot of people go one step further with "we're not a racist country" and then ignore the incident.
  10. Zidane Iqbal

  11. Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News

    Covid outbreak or something?
  12. Siiiiuuuu

    And I was behind the goal when that 3rd one went in yesterday, great fun!
  13. Westminster Politics

    :lol: DiploMatt.
  14. Westminster Politics

    Even if you just factor in the wrinklies who've died since the vote and assumed nobody had changed their mind then I think Remain would be favourite. I do also think though that some people have changed their minds finally and more will continue to do so as inflation, shortages and the continued...
  15. Emi Martinez

    Perhaps that says more about Arsenal than Martinez though?