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  1. Matej Kovar

    Needs a good loan then by the sounds of things?
  2. English cricket 2020

    fecking hell, this is shit batting even by England's standards. Tbf, mainly I blame the 2 openers, absolute dogshit. Hopefully Butler can do something here.
  3. Timothy Fosu-Mensah | 2019/20 Performances

    Don't rate him but I thought he did quite well yesterday. Still don't think he's a full back mind.
  4. What is Dan James good at?

    He's just out of form and low on confidence. Stop being cnuts eh?
  5. Ravel Morrison | Free agent again

    Having shit family and friends is just as good an indicator of how you'll turn out than where you're born though.
  6. Ravel Morrison | Free agent again

    Rashford's mum appears to be a mighty fine lady, I don't know whether Ravel's family are similarly impressive. Not that that means he couldn't have risen above it of course, but not all people from Wythenshawe have the same opportunities just because they're from the same place. I agree Morrison...
  7. Better player: Lingard or Cleverley

    There we go, some positives then for Clevz. Although I think he takes free kicks and corners sometimes so it wouldn't surprise me if the majority of his assists were from dead balls.
  8. The constant media calls for us to replace Martial

    In fairness if Ole can get Martial in poacher's positions, something I'd lost all hope of at one stage, then maybe he could get that silly Spurs sausage to stay in the box as well. He is a great striker when he's fit and not trying to be Xabi Alonso.
  9. Better player: Lingard or Cleverley

    Did we? I love John O'Shea for example but he was hardly a great player, just came in and reliably filled whatever spot we needed while the superstars did the work.
  10. Better player: Lingard or Cleverley

    I would say Lingard's movement, vision, pace and dribbling are all better than Cleverley's tbf. I'm sure there are things Cleverley is better at too, although I couldn't name them. Couldn't pick him out of a lineup at all actually, the old invisible man! :lol:
  11. Post match vs LASK

    Lingard did very well, shame he got the hook quite early really, slightly odd one that. Mata was bang average as usual and poor old James had another shocker. McT was also pretty awful, as was Bailly. Pogba didn't impress much when he came on, sloppy again, though he's clearly a level above Fred...
  12. Manchester United vs LASK

    Lingard for Bruno, Mengi for Maguire and Dalot for Shaw (unless Ole just thinks he's a waste of space?) and that would be a perfectly sensible team tbf.
  13. Ole Gunnar Solskjær needs more time and respect at Manchester United

    Tuanzebe who's played about 3 games for us all season? And how have Garner and Levitt contributed anything noteworthy either, nothing against the lads of course. Same with Laird, arguably the biggest talent in the reserves at the moment but never fit. I generally agree that the standard of our...
  14. James Maddison - Off field antics

    How could they have left Jesse at home though?
  15. English cricket 2020

    England can collapse against anyone, I'd be surprised if it's an easy whitewash.