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  1. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Nice we got some optimism
  2. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Given that we have big squad depth and also Pogba will be more suitable to play in advanced role. I wouldn't call it as big loss. In fact, it gives Ole less headache. Varane, Bissaka, and may be Shaw are more big loss IMO since the replacement are not really convincing.
  3. Tifo IRL: The Real Problem with Manchester United's Midfield

    Keano only mentioned that McTominay has better potential than Fred as he is younger. Not like he praised him that he is good enough or had done good enough. McTominay and Fred are two different midfielders honestly. The only similar thing in them is that both are not holding midfielder and both...
  4. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    :lol: Carra doesn't want to jinx it. Honestly, if this is Man City, I would be slightly more confident since Ole somehow knows how to beat Pep but he has only beat Liverpool once and that was in FA Cup. Please of all team, don't lose to Liverpool, just beat them. It's always been the most...
  5. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

  6. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    I just took -4 for Ronaldo to Ings so I could get KDB. I feel like I’m regretting it now.
  7. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Oh no, the El Classico of English Football. And I hate it so much when we are losing to them. Unlike against City, Ole never had good record against them. I'm not convinced that we can get win here especially that Liverpool are on fire right now. We need miracle here but if the team really...
  8. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    But the squad received massive 300m reinforcement after finished 3rd and won EL in 2019. We only reached that level of reinforcement this summer.
  9. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    As soon as this summer ended or even before we signed Ronaldo, the expectation from everyone had been United to challenge the league means it's the pressure to compete with Liverpool, City and Chelsea. The fact we are 6th now in 8 games with 5 points below the top of the league and there were...
  10. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Ajax are the richest club in Eredivisie, PSV have always been behind them. The same thing with PSG in their own league right now since the takeover. The expectation to win their local is the obviously minimum challenge any manager must do. If you expect Man United manager to win title in...
  11. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    How is the pressure not bigger when you are competing with much bigger league and one of the best league in the world with expectation to compete with the likes of Liverpool, City and Chelsea who are currently among the best top 5 clubs in the world. Moving from Ajax to Man United for any...
  12. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Are you still insisting to compare United competing with Chelsea, Liverpool, and City to Ajax competing with PSV? The pressure at United is way bigger, it's fact.
  13. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    Considering the backing from last season, finished 2nd is reasonable. This season is obviously a different expectation to Ole, while Mourinho should have at least competing as he spent more than 350m. On the other hand, Ajax are competing with PSV. Not in comparison to United competing with...
  14. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    There is a reason why Moyes, LVG, Mourinho were sacked and Ole's job is on the rope to follow the same path mate.
  15. Would you take Ten Hag at United?

    There were times I remember Ajax failed to win Eredivisie for 4-6 times in a row twice. So unimaginable at Ajax that they allowed it to happen twice.