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  1. Relegation Jumble Sale

    Only Max Aarons ''probably''
  2. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    If he doesn't understand, he wouldn't say there are lot of works to do and wouldn't start early. He's not going to smash the players in his first press conference. I think he was referring to the fact that this squad is not as bad as it looks on the Palace game, which is true that this squad is...
  3. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    He didn't really say he listens to Ralf, he's just said it's on the club. I think what he's indicating is if the club tells him to listen to Ralf then he will but if the club doesn't say anything to listen or speak to him then he might not even use Ralf.
  4. Frenkie De Jong

    Apparently he never had one on it to begin with. But then again if he really really likes Barcelona, surely he should have it as something he is proud of ;)
  5. Youri Tielemans

    What happened to him actually? Burnt out? Losing motivation? Lack of fitness? Has he always been this season lazy defensively?
  6. Jurriën Timber

    :lol: :lol: Can't tell if that's ETH or Pitbull
  7. Frenkie De Jong

    You still don't get the difference. One operates deeper than the other is not the difference here I'm trying to tell you. I didn't refuse to acknowledge that as I even told you what you said is actually the general idea of how lot of manager play and even how Ajax in 21/22 played like what you...
  8. Bruno Fernandes signs a new contract until 2026+1

    When I said coaching means you are being coached to play as per manager's instruction. Players shouldn't just be given instruction and do it, it also requires coaching to make sure players don't forget to do it and can do it on the pitch.
  9. Frenkie De Jong

    He’s not a leader for sure. But let’s get the technical players first that suit the manager system because what we have in midfield right now are totally crap.
  10. Bruno Fernandes signs a new contract until 2026+1

    It's called coaching. ETH will coach him and give him instruction to make it clear of his role and tasks. He'll be fine. He has the technique, work rate, and end product. With coaching and instruction, he will be more effective.
  11. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    I think his principle is possession based, attacking, progressive ball from the back (so need technical player in defense), and intense press as mentioned by the Ajax fan. He plays different system from 18/19 to this season. I think that shows his flexbility that he can put the same priciple on...
  12. Jurriën Timber

    I understand your frustration but unfortunately, this is how it works these days so you need to accept it. When we are telling you, it means good for you not just in here but also for other location or places or social media so you should listen to the advices. Even Cavani got banned. These...
  13. Frenkie De Jong

    for 0 fees in January. Arsenal just sold him for free.
  14. Jurriën Timber

    I get it but people just told you to be careful of using the word since in the modern day community it could be considered as racist. Could have just use spider since his nickname is spider.