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  1. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    Reads more like a throwaway comment to strengthen his case about spending in the market, rather than breaking news he heard. One of the problems with people simply hearing news from aggregators is that they don't think about the context of the articles/news being broken.
  2. We need to get some leaders in: names?

    Thiago Silva on a free transfer even purely for his leadership skills and winning mentality will be worth it. He's still got a few years left if managed correctly.
  3. Sergej Milinkovic Savic

    I'm fairly sure he can play there fairly competently. I remember watching him fairly deep last season and at times this season with Luis Alberto and Parolo/Lucas slightly further forward at times. He's arguably better further forward but he can play deeper. I'm not sure about the balance of a...
  4. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    Even if that's true there's no chance I'm believing anything coming from Delaney.
  5. Kai Havertz

    Alli's level has fallen these past two seasons but I guess my comment was more about how both players are better closer to goal and score quite a few goals when playing further up front. It'll be interesting to see Havertz in England, as imo due to his height he's not the most blessed in terms...
  6. Kai Havertz

    I've seen a few people comparing him to KDB recently. I've not seen an awful lot of Havertz, but he reminds me more of Dele Alli rather than KDB in his close control and movement.
  7. Centre Back... Who do we go for?

    I've not seen much of him but was impressed whenever I have seen him. Extremely tall but also very good on the ball. I remember reading articles on him last year comparing him to VVD, so I wonder how he's developed this season.
  8. Willy Kambwala

    Axel has a lot of the attributes to be a top CB. He has a lot of qualities that, on paper, would make give him a good partner for Maguire. However, his recent injury record has been atrocious and he's still very untested as a starting CB in the premier league. Hopefully, he'll stay injury free...
  9. Willy Kambwala

    Hard to say really. I remember watching clips of him and thinking he looked more talented than Tuanzebe (who was one of the best defender we've produced in years), but who's to say he'd develop the same way had he moved here?
  10. Willy Kambwala

    I remember reading similar stories a few years back on Upamecano, where we didn't pay a small fee for him (relatively large fee for his age at the time) and ended up missing out on him. There does seem to be a shift in that approach and we have been aggressively recruiting youth players these...
  11. Does it make sense to limit our spending this summer?

    "Does it make sense to limit our spending this summer?" as opposed to, I assume, unlimited spending. To answer briefly, yes it's not feasible to spend without a limit. If your point is, should we perhaps spend over our budget to strengthen the squad (even if it means using up money taken from a...
  12. Jack Grealish

    I had previously preferred United prioritse funds in a CDM over another play marker, but looking at the distinct drop in quality once Bruno is substituted out for Pereira (with Lingard likely to be sold), I think signing a creative play maker like Grealish makes a lot of sense, even if on paper...
  13. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    The problem with this approach is that it's firstly reliant on Greenwood starting pretty much every game next season and continuing to improve. 1 injury and the season could be over for us. Sancho also has 2 years left on his contract, so he won't be available for free next summer. They're...
  14. Thiago Alcantara

    Agreed, absolutely cracking midfielder and I would hate him joining Liverpool. Only thing I can see against the transfer is his age and injury record. The former isn't much of a problem as he's only just turned 29, but he will likely miss 10+ games every season and that may only increase as he...
  15. Jack Grealish

    Imo Grealish is first choice but we're negotiating for other targets (VDB, Tolisso, etc) in case Villa ask for too much.