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  1. Amad Diallo | Rangers loan watch

    WHats world class about that??
  2. Nottingham Forest

    Cant say the same about the dodgy Greek owner.
  3. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Its a figure of speech. We "invaded" Normandy didnt we.
  4. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    We had troops all over Europe in 1941. And you can leave the remarks about being silly out of it.
  5. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Somebody else mentioned that. Its not the same. The UK was at war but wasnt invaded, was not under any foreign occupation. We were the ones doing the invading. Not the same situation.
  6. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Now you're just changing the subject.
  7. Arse FAM TV

    Yeah, you know what I mean, though.
  8. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    We weren't invaded in World War 2 though, were we. We were invading.
  9. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    I dont know. If we were at war with another county that had invaded and taken over Birmingham and Bristol, the last thing we would be doing is taking part in a song contest. At least that's how I feel.
  10. Arse FAM TV

    Thats what Liverpool were saying about us last year.. Except we only finished 5 points ahead of them.
  11. Are you looking forward to the Newcastle United era?

    feck.. We are going to miss out on top 4 next season again, aren't we.
  12. AC Milan revival?

    I personally can't stand Milan ever since they rotated their entire squad before the match against us in the Champions League.
  13. Why did Liverpool fans boo the national anthem?

    Only the English could boo their own National anthem. Cant imagine any one else doing that.
  14. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Seems a bit weird to me. If France had attacked us and taken over Manchester and Birmingham, would we be sending someone to Eurovision?