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  1. Cancel Culture

    Doesn't he want a 67% wealth tax? Whether it goes through or is just empty words is another matter, but that it has even been mention will get rich people sweating. Some people's greed knows no bounds.
  2. We're a dark horse in next season's CL

    I think people are underestimating Liverpool. I know Van Dijk is important to them but I think Alison is more so. They were conceding a lot of goals even with Van Dijk at the start of last season; their defence did not improve until Alison came back into the team. Bayern Munich and Liverpool...
  3. Cancel Culture

    Understandable considering the enormous tax hikes Biden wants to impose. Do people think that businesses and the rich are just going to sit back and watch their income fall? No, they are going to cut costs, and the best way to do that is to fire staff. People may be all for increasing tax rates...
  4. Jose Mourinho | Spurs manager

    How has a manager who has won two champions league titles and league titles in every single country he has managed in been an 'overall failure'? I get it that people absolutely hate Mourinho -albeit, I think it is odd that people take it so personally-but stuff like this is just drivel. They...
  5. German football is turd

    They need an oil club. I know people say it is bad, but it does help competition. Without the existence of an oil club, no team in the league can compete with Bayern Munich's financial power. With Bayern able to scoop up every player they want in the league, many teams can't build/sustain their...
  6. Greenwood is the Best Finisher in the League

    He was always a good finisher at Arsenal, at least. I'm guessing he must have shown something at Feyenoord for them to sign him. He scored 8 in 23 in 02/03, but I don't know how good that Feyenoord team was. The problem with Van Persie is he didn't have an injury-free season until 11/12 or his...
  7. Victor Lindelöf | 2020/21 Performances

    I think he is probably the best passer in the defence. Him and Maguire have definitely benefited from having two Dms sitting in front of them, though. They haven't been tested a lot in the last two games as Chelsea and Leipzig didn't really ever get a shot at them.
  8. Backing Harry Maguire in this tough time would be a true test of Ole

    To be fair, his performances have improved since we have been playing two DMs in front of him. It has left him far less exposed. I'm not sure whether he is playing better or whether it is mostly down to that. The change has come in line with the change of the first 11.
  9. Greenwood is the Best Finisher in the League

    Better finisher than Van Persie? No chance. I think you have to rewatch his goals that season to remind yourself just how good Van Persie was. Greenwood is obviously very good, but this is taking it a step too far.
  10. We're about to go on a title run, stop with the negativity

    Arsenal seems to have the edge over Solskjaer at the moment. 3 games: 2 losses and 1 draw. This one will be a tough match; I'm hoping we stick with the same formation as 4-3-3 doesn't seem to work against Arsenal. Hopefully, we will beat them this time. If we can beat Arsenal, it will put us...
  11. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    It's probably just too tempting; I mean he is rarely actually in a position to shoot. Yes, he could cut back on some of them, but it doesn't happen much to be fair; most of the time does pick the option to pass. The one against Leipzig at the start of the game was fine; the goalkeeper actually...
  12. Harry Kane MBE | Performances

    I think you could drop him into midfield and he wouldn't look out of place; his passing is quality. A good way to be able to elongate his career. It's impressive he is the fastest player to reach 20 goals in CL history. I actually think he is better than Lewandowski. Put him in Bayern Munich...
  13. Fred | 2020/21 Performances

    To be honest, shooting for a deep-lying player isn't much of an issue. Carrick only scored 30 goals throughout his entire career, whilst Busquests has scored 15. Those teams did pretty well with them in the first team. His passing is usually fine; it was a bit off in the first half. Usually, he...
  14. Post match vs RB Leipzig

    I think that is Rashford's best ever performance, considering the short time he was on. Fernandes was class when he came on and showed a massive step up. Fred, Pogba, Wan Bissaka were all fantastic. Great performance in the second half.
  15. Manchester United vs RB Leipzig

    I gave Rashford a 10. It has to be done.