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  1. The Biden Presidency

    I'm glad people find the idea of infantile genocide so funny. It reflects well on you. Just look it up, it isn't even hard to find. Naral are very well known, by the way. But, I guess you would want to sweep it under the rug because it doesn't fit with your ideology.
  2. The Biden Presidency

    Why are people so excited by a person who is funded by Naral? Naral are an abortion agency that supports abortion up to birth when babies are fully formed. I don't get why anyone would so excited when supported by something so sick.
  3. The Biden Presidency

    So, what war is he going start first? China? Incite the IRA, following his talk of the UI? Russia?
  4. Ole post match rant vs Everton

    Not really. Are we supposed to pity them? I will save pity for more deserving reasons Solskjaer hardly has a hard job. Loads of money to spend; loads of players. It smacks of moaning that would be complained about by fans if any other manager said this, but praised in this instance.
  5. The Annoying Inconsistency

    It's indicative of a poorly coached team. You will naturally win games with a very strong team at times, but the fluctuations are far too much, especially after two years in charge. Once we get the right manager in, you will see our results and consistency improve massively.
  6. Ole post match rant vs Everton

    Higher wages pay for better players. We have Henderson, Matic, De Beek, Pogba, Cavani on the bench. Then we have Greenwood and Telles out. Some of them may have problems, but they are more talented than players at a lot of the lower clubs in their first 11s. Plenty of players there to give...
  7. Ole post match rant vs Everton

    We have a far bigger squad than those clubs. Our bench is almost on the same wages as those smaller team's first 11. I don't buy it myself. They earn the wage, they have to do deal with it.
  8. Ole post match rant vs Everton

    Boohoo. Everyone has to deal with the same stuff and they earn enough to deal with it. No pity to be found here.
  9. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    No, we didn't. We had to claw ourselves out of a crap position because Solskjaer didn't set up the team properly. He put us in that poor position, so I don't know how he gets praise for it. It was a very forgiving league last season. We were in a better position than any of our opposition...
  10. Fred is one of the most underrated players in England

    Fred is easily our second best midfielder. We have some good players left for when we get a pressing manager with Fred, De Beek, and Fernandes.
  11. That Maguire challenge on Digne

    I'm surprised he didn't get a red for excessive force. I think he was a bit lucky there myself; I have seen players sent off for similar offences.
  12. Post match vs Everton

    Fernandes had a very good first half, but I thought his second half was pretty poor/average. Fred was great throughout; man of the match for me. It was a good win, but our second half wasn't great. We parked the bus in the second half. A player display today. Fernandes has 30 goal...
  13. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Even with that win, the best we can get is 13th place after this weekend. This result should mean very little in terms of his job security.
  14. Would you sack or keep Ole? (Poll reopened)

    Yep, plus we haven't even been that good in the second half. We look very beatable. Everton were pretty poor today.
  15. Everton vs Manchester United

    I think he might have been offside.