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  1. David De Gea | 2021/22 Performances

    He should have least been facing play. If he saw that shot coming even with a broken leg he could have stopped it.
  2. Michael Carrick leaves Manchester United

    To give him the confidence to manage the team without having to tell him what to do is the biggest compliment and confidence indicator I would have thought
  3. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    What are you on about all those players played 99 percent of their games on their favored side.
  4. Manchester United vs Arsenal

    what sort of tit puts Rashford on the right and Sancho on the left. Everyone saying Rashford shit - just swap them for fks sake
  5. Ralf Rangnick to become interim manager | Club announce! Work visa obtained

    Whats to stop him going to the training ground? No Visa just means you are not official and cant get paid. If you are there as a guest then so what. Thats not illegal is it?
  6. Corners….Why Do Teams Bother?

    Shot conversion rate is about 11 percent and thats for the top teams with top strikers. Bottom teams closer to 5 percent. So corners at around 3 percent is better than nothing just adds to the goals scored.
  7. Who are the dodgiest clubs in football?

    Newcastle easily.
  8. Roy Keane

    They are arguing about different things that are similar. If you separate it - 'United's aim was to win the league. That's why Ronaldo came.' - Carrick. 'Everyone knew we wouldn't win the league and our real expectations were to get top 4 and win a cup. Maybe if the stars were aligned we...
  9. Eric Bailly | 2021/22 Performances

    Had a good game but its different playing with three DM's in front of you compared to how we set up and played against City, Liverpool, Watford etc
  10. Bayern's General Assembly descending into chaos over the Qatar Airways sponsorship

    The Germans stand up for Human rights and anti discrimination while we sell our souls to the the highest bidder. Who would have thunk it 75 years ago.
  11. Which players will be the biggest winners and losers under Rangnick?

    Rangnick said on his tactics video's that the CB doesn't have to be fast. They just have to block the striker and stop them getting the ball. So Maguire is probably fine.
  12. Ralf Rangnick to become interim manager | Club announce! Work visa obtained

    Hargreeves responded to this not won anything by saying that he has significantly improved every club he has been at so its not always about winning trophies. The other major point is his consultancy for 2 years. This is the most exciting point. The muppets upstairs have failed for 6 years and...
  13. Bruno Fernandes | 2021/22 Performances

    Why is ability the be all and end all.. Thats been our problem for years. Keeping players that dont work for years and years and years - Pogba, Lingard etc. for example. Both great players. Lingard not at same level as Pogba but as proved at West Ham he is a pretty good player. Other players...
  14. Bruno Fernandes | 2021/22 Performances

    I am not trying to compare them stylistically. Im just saying you can be a great player and not fit the system. See PSG with their 3 great forwards. And Coutinho was a great player. Passing, Dribbling, Assists, Goals he had everything and everyone was saying he was better/on par with the other...
  15. Bruno Fernandes | 2021/22 Performances

    He's a great player but so was Coutinho. Question is does he fit. He needs to play deeper or my preference is to play him higher in the 9 like Firmino. Can he do it? I have no idea. Every time I see him deeper it doesn't seem to work.