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  • Yeah Chong & Gomes looked very promising youngsters about 2 years ago, of course Gomes left & Chong whilst still at UTD can't even get a starting berth at crappy Club Brugge so how he'll think he will get in to UTD's first team in the EPL god...
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    So, with Cavani staying after all & a £150m price tag slapped on his head by Dortmund this summer, it looks like this thread will have to be resurrected in a year's time unless by some miracle he moves this summer.
  • So, in recent weeks Chelsea have beaten City twice but you just know when it comes to the biggest game of the 3 (UCL Final) they will almost certainly blow it, who agrees?
  • Someone needs to remind them about the FA Cup SF the other week.
  • Can't understand what he says but I can guess, bottom line I think is that he wants Hazard out of Real Madrid & I agree. If we lost a CL SF or Final & I saw one of our players laughing & smiling I would be equally furious as the guy in the vid.
  • I wish UTD could've done that earlier in the season.
  • I'll be honest with you, I would've preferred for UTD to have 10 European Cups/Champions League trophy wins to their name before City won their first.
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    Not sure that would be the smartest move to be honest considering next summer his buy out clause will probably knock about £50m off his summer 2021 price tag & he'll still only be 21.
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    If Chelsea had any sense they'd really go for him this summer as they look to have a virtually free run at this from what I can see even if their rich Russian owner has to stump up £100m of his own money.
  • I'm probably repeating others in this thread but I'll chip in anyway. Always nice to have 2 CBs who are constantly injured...not! We've got to be looking at improving our squad for next season not giving new contracts to players who hardly ever...
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    I think on the whole & with all things considered I'd like to see him join UTD this summer even at the expense of Greenwood & Cavani, but I can not see any club in the current CV19 climate to stump up more than £80m for him, Real Madid, Barca &...
  • Messi & Ramos seem to be the only stand outs to me.
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    I think he would've fired us to at least 3 CL title wins.
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    I've already said, if we sign Haaland then we must sign Sancho as well, can't see it happening though.
  • I'll tell you what, if this UTD team don't do enough in the second half to win or draw this game & Spurs win 1-0, I hope Ole's & Maguire's post match interview is not all about the referee.