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  • He's usually a good pundit. It's just that when he says anything about United, everything is so tainted by who he's friends with and who he's not that it ends up not bearing much resemblance to reality. I wish he'd either be honest or just shut...
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    Yeah, we might get every soft penalty under the sun and our midfielders need to commit 12 fouls to get a booking, but United got a decision in 1997 so it's ok.
  • Stevie Me is going to be halfway to Anfield in full kit by the 70th minute if there's even a chance of Villa taking points off City by then.
  • The only time he's made PFA team of the year was for League One. I'm sure there are plenty of people who know a hell of a lot more about football than I do that rate him, I've just really never seen it with him at all.
  • I saw a fair bit of Sheffield United while he was there (especially during "project restart") and he conceded so many soft goals. He just isn't good enough at keeping the ball out of the net, and doesn't have any other standout attributes to make...
  • Chelsea away first game nailed on, then.
  • Our wage policy for years has been "pay players what we hope in our wildest dreams they might be worth one day" rather than what they're actually worth. One point in the long list of shit that Arnold and co need to change.
  • I'd take £10m and getting his wages off the books. Bang average goalkeeper that has never shown any signs of being anything else (yes, even at Sheffield Utd).
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    Nah, I don't think so.
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    We want to sign players who are young and hungry enough and still have something to prove. Just because he already plays for a big club doesn't mean he doesn't meet those criteria. He's a proven quality player in a position and archetype we've...
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    You can do a video like that for literally anybody: It's the frequency of mistakes that need to be offset against the positive qualities. Just "he makes mistakes" doesn't mean anything, because every single player ever does.
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    I think it's even more tenuous than that. He was talked about in the Ornstein article in the Athletic as Benfica's Nunez replacement if we signed him. It sounds like somebody's just cut out the middleman.
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    Despite all the counter examples given every time, there must be a "but Di Maria" on almost every page. :lol:
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    Unless he's a short-circuiting android and said the exact same shite twice (possible), that's what he said after getting bummed by Spurs.
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    Not close to "worst in the world", but Arsenal fans are indeed a particular kind of cnut. Nobody is as quick to give it the big 'un when they're even the tiniest hint of maybe, possibly being half decent.