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  1. Jürgen Klopp Watch

  2. Jürgen Klopp Watch

    Still finding their way out given how deep inside his arse they were
  3. Best title chance post Fergie

    Technically, we had an amazing squad just when Sir Alex left and that was our best shot at the title but I know what you mean, this is the best chance since we turned shit and I agree with you. Don't think anyone's going to run away with the title like the last few season. 80-85 points could be...
  4. Best title chance post Fergie

    Good thing he didn't say any of that, eh
  5. Pickford's tackle on VVD: What should be the punishment?

    Just read your post above. My bad. I don't really care about intention when it comes to this and misunderstood your post to mean no intent = no punishment.
  6. Pickford's tackle on VVD: What should be the punishment?

    The point remains the same regardless
  7. Pickford's tackle on VVD: What should be the punishment?

    He did jump into VVD is the only fact we know. Only Pickford knows what his intent was and that's fine because it means jackshit. Intent or not, it was a mental challenge and very reckless. He's lucky the FA are simply inept.
  8. Pickford's tackle on VVD: What should be the punishment?

    Wonder how goalkeepers so far have managed to make themselves "big" without needing to go in stud first into someone's leg that high. It doesn't matter 1 bit whether or not Pickford went into that challenge wanting to hurt VVD, the simple fact is that a challenge like that is going to cause a...
  9. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Alonso and Lampard have had a massive fallout. Happened too late for a sale but unless Lampard has a big change of heart, Alonso isn't going to feature anytime soon.
  10. Greenwood and Williams dropped for drinking issues...

    SAF shouldn't be drinking at this age, let alone do Nitrous Oxide or bang Icelandic chicks
  11. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    A man with limited wants
  12. IPL 2020

    That was Mcculum's call. No idea how honeys Russell was with him during their discussion but they showed the long chat where the call was made. Morgan pretty much was just told he's good to bowl and gave the ball to him. Yep, absolutely incredible
  13. IPL 2020

    Most bizarre thing I've ever seen on a cricket field. Guy pulled his hammy and is WALKING 5 steps to bowl dollies to Warner. Absolutely mental. Mcculum and whoever decided this should be sacked on principle.
  14. PL Weekend Fixtures 17/10/20 - 19/10/20

    Steep, here in India, it costs us about £5
  15. Fantasy Premier League 20/21

    Good man!