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  1. India politics thread

    Despite Highest Number of Daily Cases, India Does Not Label Itself in Community Transmission Category WHO report says India is yet to label itself in the category of community transmission (CT), opting instead for the lower, less serious classification called ‘cluster of cases’. Countries such...
  2. India politics thread

    'Denied Hospital Bed, Was Not Given Food, Water': BJP MLA Struggles To Get Treatment For Wife In UP "If an MLA's wife cannot be given proper care, what will the common man do?," said BJP MLA Ram Gopal Pappu Lodhi A two-minute video of a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA expressing disappointment...
  3. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    What you describe is happening all around the world. Moderate, liberal and leftists have been smashed to pieces. Whenever loony right wingers take hold of enough countries expect a world war or something because these twats can only thrive in times of hatred and killing.
  4. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    I don't care about angles, i'll be sitting infront of it and i cant be arsed if others cant view it from the side, infact i'd put that down as a pro instead of a con! Its not the fastest but is near the top with better contrast and colours and is 240hz at 1440p. The only doubtful area is the...
  5. Gaming Building a gaming PC

    Am i right in assuming that the samsung odyssey g7 is the best gaming monitor currently ? Its a va panel aswell :eek:
  6. Buffon is leaving Juventus

    I thought he retired a decade back :lol:
  7. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    There will only be peace and mutual acceptance if mutually assured destruction is guaranteed and sane people are at the helm of affairs. I suggest to give nukes to both of them and make peaceniks the prime minister of both countries and 1967 borders restored. Im sure thats a satisfactory...
  8. India politics thread

    What are there views on "anti-national" congress merging the kingdom of sikkim as a state in the the union of India in 1975 ? Under nehru, India fought and lost that territory. Under modi, India looked the other way when china occupied our territory and then lied to its citizens that no...
  9. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    That's not my viewpoint, its the viewpoint of the person you're debating with.
  10. India politics thread

    I think in that census they've bifurcated the dalit and tribal population from the upper caste and obc hindus. There's no way to know the percentage of hindus and muslims in this dalit/tribal category although you can assume the majority will be hindu.
  11. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Click here to find the answer ->
  12. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    Palestinians don't exist and never existed. The people claiming to be palestinians in gaza and west bank today are actually jordanians. There ive answered it. (/sarcasm)
  13. India politics thread

    I'd say around 30% as a rough ball park figure. India's first census was in 1951, earlier records are sketchy. As far as land area is concerned you can look up the current area of India, pakistan and bangladesh and calculate how much percentage the latter two comprised in undivided India...
  14. Roy Keane

    Get him on the matchday thread. He'd go toe to toe with the most kneejerk caftard there.
  15. Israel - Palestine Discussion

    जिसकी लाठी उस्की भैस Indian proverb that captures the current situation. It says whoever wields the stick owns the buffalo, rights be damned.