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  1. A look at the players.

  2. A look at the players.

    Good post. Out of interest, if you could choose any manager in the world - and I mean having absolute free choice on the decision - which one would you pick to replace Ole?
  3. Would you take Conte at United?

    Enjoyed reading that post @the_cliff The best thing for me about Conte potentially coming in is that Lindelof will go straight back into the starting lineup :drool:
  4. Gaming Xbox Series X and S (Consoles)

    Where do I find a cute artificial intelligence unit girlfriend like Cortana :(
  5. Gaming Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

    Another protip - shoot at your enemies until they die
  6. Would you take Conte at United?

    Agree with this. If we win the league, Conte will have been a good appointment
  7. Luckhurst: United considering sacking Solskjaer

    Sounds like he's already here
  8. The bring Carlos Queiroz back to United (in some capacity) thread

    Get him in. Move training back to the Cliff Change our colours to green and gold ?? Profit
  9. Gaming Metroid Dread (Nintendo Switch)

    I've got a crisp £5 note for anybody who wants to sell me their copy
  10. Gaming The RedCafe General/Random Gaming Chat Thread

    Anybody played AI: Somnium Files? It's a Japanese adventure/visual novel game where you investigate a serial killer in a near-future Tokyo who removes people eyes. There's lots of heavy sci-fi concepts, most of which make no sense. The writing is, uh, very Japanese for lack of a better word...
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo | 2021/22 Performances

    I've said it before and I'll say it again - he's a good player but one that you use for a specific purpose and not as a default player for 90 minutes. If he starts, then he needs runners in and around him, and then he will likely need to be subbed off around 60 minutes for another, different...
  12. Fantasy Premier League 21/22

    Looking at 116 when the bonus points come through :drool:
  13. Gary Neville was dead to me | Maybe dead again

    Ah that makes sense. He did mention that we shouldn't be looking to bring in a manager for only two years and gave Conte as an example, which I agree with tbh. This isn't an easy fix is it? The board really needs to figure it out.
  14. Gary Neville was dead to me | Maybe dead again

    Exactly. I have a feeling Neville's ego matters more to him than smart decision-making.
  15. Gary Neville was dead to me | Maybe dead again

    He's a bit defensive isn't he. Saying we shouldn't bring in a manager who doesn't fit the narrow description of a United coach and using LvG as an example. I don't get it at all.