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  • Vissy replied to the thread Matej Kovar.
    Kovar is better than Henderson was at his age, IMO. He already has better distribution.
  • Vissy replied to the thread Charlie McNeill.
    Agreed and it shouldn't be controversial to say that the way youth coaching is executed everywhere is still in many cases behind the times. Yelling at kids, abusing them basically in the name of competitiveness, is still depressingly common...
  • Vissy replied to the thread Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News.
    Why was he so hyped when he played in the Valencia youth setup? Back there I even saw articles comparing his crossing to Beckham's.
  • Vissy replied to the thread Cheap Backup Strikers.
    Mandzukic as a rotation option would be ideal honestly... he's a good player, and a big tree besides that.
  • Who have Dortmund developed themselves? Jacob Bruun Larsen joined them when he was 14 or 15, so I guess he's one of the most recent. All of the big names you can think of though, they were poached. Just looking at the moves most of their...
  • Vissy replied to the thread Aliou Traore.
    Surely he's off. He is talented and he could have a good professional career after he leaves but I don't see him staying here or anyone above League One level taking him either.
  • Manchester United is a massive global brand that Dortmund can't compare to, and we've got a load of incredibly talented and influential players such as Pogba, Rashford, De Gea and Bruno. Bellingham would undoubtedly be better served career-wise...
  • Vissy replied to the thread Miscellaneous Reserve/Youth News.
    So since Sheff Wed and Swansea are interested, what are these teams like? Would Garner get into their teams enough to benefit from a loan move?
  • Chong has been significantly better than Gomes. Maybe unpopular opinion but I have to trust my eyes. He almost scored twice that I remember, Gomes hasn't even gotten close. Got two assists in the Europa too. Good off the bench performance against...
  • I think he lacks the physical profile to play for Manchester United in the coaching staff's eyes. His size has been hanging above him for a long time like a headsman's axe and it's probably why he wants to move elsewhere, because it will hinder...
  • Vissy replied to the thread James Garner.
    What clubs in Championship would suit him then? Brentford have the playstyle but I can't see Garner getting into their midfield over the players they already got for instance.