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  1. Philip Schofield

    I think both are weird, tbh, irrespective of preference.
  2. Philip Schofield

    Another British media darling in grooming shocker, who knew! Guess they were right!
  3. What made you support United?

    Was born into it, had no choice
  4. Rapper convicted of having his mother murdered

    My first thoight too, ha
  5. Jordan Henderson: overrated/underrated?

  6. Our strongest XI

    DDG AWB Lindelof Maguire Williams McTominay Fred Fernandes Pogba Martial Rashford 4-2-2-2
  7. Fans planning Old Trafford walkout

    Call it off, United are back
  8. The natural successor: Has Neymar blown it?

    I think Neymar will end up back at Madrid or Barcelona in the next few years and there become the world's best player. He's only behind 2 freaks that are competing for best of all time.
  9. Saudis taking over Newcastle

    Similar purchase to City and Chelsea, established team in a period of obscurity available on the cheap.
  10. Fans planning Old Trafford walkout

    You can't judge anyone for deciding not to take part in this. The tickets are usually bought 4 months before the new season starts and for most incomes, they're a lot of money. If I'd promised to take a child, for example, I wouldn't plan to leave the game early. I won't be at the game as my...
  11. Fans planning Old Trafford walkout

    We didnt really have a choice when renewals were in March and Ole has been promised a war fund for the summer. Won't fall for that one again. :)
  12. ‘Ole’s recruitment has been great’ narrative

    Shaqiri, Keita, Oxlade-Chamberlain
  13. Liverpool vs Manchester United

    Guess he was right :(
  14. State of the refs in this country

    Was there not a foul on Maguire in their goal?! This
  15. Alexis Sánchez | 2019/20 Performances

    I think he's been injured for the majority of time he's been at Inter so not really fair standpoint. (Though the fact he's been injured again at this point in his career is indeed worrying!)