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  1. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    I'm not sure if "provoke" is the right term. I associate the word provoke with an act that is deliberately aimed to get a response. But that's a semantics game. I do think it is also somewhat of a moot point. We may think whatever we do is not a provocation, but the Russians perceive it...
  2. A new era begins

    I think Ten Hag will get plenty of leeway in his first season.
  3. Russian invasion of Ukraine

    I share the same question of this Reddit comment. Over and over and over again we see isolated small groups of Russian units just getting picked off. It is hard to fathom how incompetent it all looks.
  4. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    I guess Mearsheimer-esque folks would say that yeah. Ukrainian neutrality at all costs.
  5. Elon Musk's epic bacon adventures

    He really is an obnoxious fella, ain't he. Hard to fathom at times how such a manchild gets so wealthy but here we are.
  6. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    My basic problem with this argument is that if we keep thinking like this, then no smaller country ever will be able to get out of some major power's influence if consecutive regimes in that major power don't change course and keep having imperial ambitions. And that counts all ways, including...
  7. Abortion

  8. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    "People standing with Ukraine tend to be standing with an imperialist vision of selective war-support." Let me reframe that: standing with a country that has been invaded by an aggressor. It is that simple. By the way, for a country that talks so much about "security concerns", maybe they...
  9. Russian invasion of Ukraine

  10. Russian invasion of Ukraine

  11. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    Wasn't Crimea already annexed before the war in Donbas really took off in the course of 2014? By the way, how bothered are you that Russia's invasion is not going well? Blame America all you want. If Russia doesn't invade, they don't have to suffer tens of thousands of casualties.
  12. Geopolitics (Too "Whataboutery" for Other Threads).

    Thank god Russia's invasion isn't going well. Wouldn't wanna see Putin's regime succeed.
  13. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Well one is in jail, no?
  14. Premier League Gameweek 36-37

    Zinchenko way too eager there