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  1. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    This is a 1245 am start and I can't wait for kick-off. It feels surreal to look forward to watching United.
  2. Cancel Culture

    There are several reasons why cancel culture is a genuine menace: Angry internet mobs can get it horribly wrong (see this); mob justice is not social justice Cancel culture distracts from real, systemic issues by dumbing down discourse to trivial microaggressions It provides ripe fodder for the...
  3. The "lazy black player" stereotype

    Not sure I understood My point is that football has a racism issue as this study confirms - but it has also made progress in the last two decades
  4. The "lazy black player" stereotype

    Am I the only one who sees the report's results as a pleasant surprise? I expected the bias to be much larger.
  5. Winston Churchill

    Ludicrous. This is literally PC gone mad
  6. Should we take the FA Cup seriously?

    Actually for cup trophies, all teams experience the new conditions equally so I don't think the value of the competition has been hurt. Other competitions though, like the league, where some teams have played more games behind closed doors, have been horribly compromised and obviously cannot be...
  7. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    Interesting - I read this analysis yesterday which suggested that race matters for police violence but not in shootings (
  8. Social Media Justice: A "Karen" faces consequences for threatening a Black man with cops

    It may be legal but it's still not a nice thing to do (much like flipping the bird). Her bizarre reaction seems like a nervous breakdown which makes not recording it (and publishing it on a social media platform) all the more the decent thing to do. Being a minority doesn't give you a pass on...
  9. Social Media Justice: A "Karen" faces consequences for threatening a Black man with cops

    When did recording people without consent become an acceptable thing to do? A man following a woman to her home and taking a video of her crying (and refusing to stop) is clearly being an aggressive prick.
  10. Fantasy Premier League 19/20

    Lot of folks with Lundstram in their teams. But isn't he no longer a guaranteed starter or have I missed something?
  11. Protests following the killing of George Floyd

    I think the problem is in organization culture which is almost impossible to change (India's police faces the same problem). Only way may be to destroy and restart.
  12. Cancel Culture

    And costly. Loads of gyms cancelled their subscriptions which will presumably hurt regular crossfit employees. But who cares about livelihoods when sanctimonious twats on Twitter can feel good about themselves.
  13. 8 minutes and 46 seconds kneel

    I said there's racism in the UK and implied that should be the focus of a UK-based organization like the Premier League. This is a global issue and global awareness is important but this is also an issue that manifests itself differently in different places so needs to be addressed locally. I...
  14. 8 minutes and 46 seconds kneel

    Feck off - I didn't say anything remotely close to what you're implying and even clarified it later. This isn't the YouTube comments section or Twitter - try to engage with what people are actually saying.
  15. 8 minutes and 46 seconds kneel

    Oh didn't know that.. if it's broader protest about racism than the Premier League should definitely participate.