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  1. Malcolm Ebiowei

    Indeed. I asked for it to be moved in OP
  2. Malcolm Ebiowei

    Courtesy of @Zoo from the twitter thread Might want to move this to another thread, apologies.
  3. Transfer Tweets - 2021/22 | Check the OP for blacklisted sources before posting

    I actually think Darlow is a very good keeper
  4. Murtough and Ten Hag on Utd squad

    He didn't lose 13 major players We will likely offload 10 minimum ourselves.
  5. The Overlap Live: An Audience With Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher & Roy Keane

    Honestly if I were an Arsenal fan Id be really annoyed seeing him. The channel and obviously Skysports are now big enough to see fans almost as ambassadors for the general fanbase, and he is just a complete tit. It just reflects badly on arsenal fans really.
  6. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp

    Her case really is a joke isnt it. "you punched Johnny Depp" "no, i hit him"
  7. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp

    Thanks. So the evidence on Heard is actually way more substantial.
  8. Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp

    Question, what irrefutable evidence had been put out to show the Depp abuse on Amber?
  9. Have we signed anyone yet? Summer 2022 edition: Nope

    Going from the Steve Mclaren podcast + Athletic / BBC reports, he joined up with his assistants + Murtough around a week ago and they've discussed implementation of the plan since then. If he has a holiday in a couple of days, it's likely they have agreed the shortlist of targets per position...
  10. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2021/22 Performances

    No one is convincing anything. Instagram has got to a stage where it's all fake. I only use instagram when I'm on holiday or to follow funny pages. Anyone who thinks instagram is a good way to see the personal side of celebrities is naïve , that's never ever been the case.
  11. Marcus Rashford MBE | 2021/22 Performances

    :lol: Such grade A Bullshit. You only know the player through his social media account, which is somewhat handled by a lot of PR people. This is actually the case with tons of footballers, actually. They all have personalities of their own but why the feck should they have to put something...
  12. Rashford - New contract or sell?

    You think he was advised on his personal proposal? You're a bit broken mate. Its his personal life and every proposal is a personal, subjective matter too. He and his partner likes it, a congratulations is in order not a fecking review :lol:
  13. The Overlap Live: An Audience With Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher & Roy Keane

    Why is Ty ever invited to these?
  14. Erik ten Hag - Manchester United manager

    Luke Shaw 100% off to the chippy
  15. Joško Gvardiol

    Yeah, true. But its ok ETH WILL FIX