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  1. World Cup Qualifiers | October 2017 | Play off draw on Tuesday

    Well done Irish Caftards.
  2. How good was Ronaldo #9?

    I agree 100%. He is already one of the best player of all time, but if it wasn't for injury he would have been the greatest ever. It's hard to imagine Messi and Ronaldo being destroyed the way that Ronaldo was in Serie A and then just shrugging 2/3 players off and dribbling into the box and...
  3. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

    Crazy that they were going to play Moldova vs Wales in the Bishop's Bloody Blaize instead of this match. I had to intervene to get them to play it. I'm over the moon with the result but really it wasn't a vintage performance. I think that Ireland were very predictable and had no ideas in the...
  4. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

    Well, our coach has made 4 changes - so suddenly my optimism has gone. Best case for us now is a draw. If I was Ireland, just shoot from long range. Stojkovic is back, and he couldn't catch a cold.
  5. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

  6. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

    It went to shit because of this thread?
  7. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

    You have a Hourihane and a Hoolahan? Bet the commentators have a field day with that combo. :lol: I think it's going to be a good game. Ireland should (and probably will) start off strong, can see us scoring on a counter but the key will be if we do concede, whether we can bounce back strong or...
  8. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

    Thank god there was a reply, this was proving to be less popular than a David Moyes teamtalk. I'm going 2-1 Serbia Zebs. May the best team win! Thanks Abou, it was definitely a coincidence :lol:
  9. Ireland vs Serbia - WCQ

    Looooong time no speak lads. Hope you're all well. Big game tonight, and I am actually in Manchester and will be watching it at the Bishop Blaize near the stadium. So - open invitation for the old members that remember me, anyone up for watching it with me over a pint or two? Post here or PM...
  10. Metal Gear Solid Story - Contains Spoilers for V

    Correct. Man I've done so much googling my head hurts. Basically I have done the Side OP 150 already, and this is the issue - I don't think I can go back from here now, and there seems no way to get 46 - which fecking sucks tbh. If there was a disclaimer saying 'you will not get the full...
  11. Metal Gear Solid Story - Contains Spoilers for V

    Guys, I need help with this. Is it possible to get the last mission (46) without Quiet? I find it damn right annoying that you have to jump through so many hoops to unlock the last level. Been trying to do every side mission thinking I could unlock it but no use.
  12. FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015

    Brazil had the better of the game yes, but I think it's a little harsh to label the team as lacking in inventiveness or flair considering they were running on empty. Prior to the final they had 3 energy sapping games, of which they were definitely not lacking in flair or inventiveness. If...
  13. FIFA U-20 World Cup 2015

    What a historic win for us! No team I believe has ever won it after 4 straight games in extra time. Incredible. A true team win, united throughout the tournament with touches of class throughout the way. Rajkovic the goalkeeper is one for the future. Your guy Perreras is a real talent -...
  14. Premier League Fixtures (21/22 February 2015)

    For sure his absence will affect them but honestly I'm referring to earlier in the season when he was in the team. Look at their CL performances too where arguably Toure was one of their bigger disappointments. When on form they play the best football in the league, but so often they flatter to...
  15. Premier League Fixtures (21/22 February 2015)

    It's a mystery to me how City are so inconsistent when you watch what they are capable of in full flow. Must be frustrating as feck if you're a City fan.