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  1. RAWK goes into Meltdown 21/22 Edition

    Stick ya quadruple ya bastards
  2. Will Ronaldo ask to leave in the summer?

    More their wife’s it seems. I guess it’s not exactly a city with a glamourous image, and that’s what attracted most “WAG’s” to their men in the first place.
  3. Aston Villa vs Manchester United

    Gerrard seems way more eloquent since becoming a manager…now he sounds almost like a functioning human being.
  4. One Player per Prem Team to Win the League

    Ronaldo - United Gundogan- City Rudiger - Chelsea Van Dijk- Liverpool Tierney- Arsenal Ndidi- Leicester Gallagher - Palace Saiss - Wolves Ward Prowse- Saints Dennis - Watford Trippier- Newcastle Norgaard- Brentford Son- Tottenham Cresswell- West ham Raphinha - Leeds Tarkowski- Burnley Lamptey-...
  5. Webby & O'Neill: Paul Scholes interview

    Scholesy really nailed this interview
  6. Manchester United vs Crystal Palace

    Probably a more intriguing game for a neutral than us vs a lower table team tbf
  7. Benjamin Mendy charged with eight counts of rape against five women | Released on Bail

    Either way, for articles like this you would like to think the writer would take extra care to associate the right person’s image with the offences at hand here.
  8. 'If this continues I'm done with United for the season!' Really?

    Because that is the nature of being a football supporter, and the constant reality for fans of almost every club outside of the so called big 6.
  9. Would you take Graham Potter at United?

    Nope, results wise he hasn’t done much better than hughton and co for Brighton, and even the likes of Steve Bruce at other clubs.
  10. Would you support another club?

    My god, anyone who would consider changing teams based on the manager doesn’t deserve to call themselves a supporter in the first place. We have it good comparatively in the footballing world, only have to look down the road at Bury and Bolton in recent times to see that. The only valid reasons...
  11. Would you take Rodgers at United?

    A lot of the “cringeworthy” Rodgers stuff people are mentioning is from his time at Liverpool and before, aka near on a decade ago at the latest. From what I’ve seen he comes across very respectably in the media in his time at Leicester.
  12. Manchester United vs Liverpool

  13. Manchester United vs Liverpool

    Should’ve played it back for a tap in