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  • All roads lead to Ed Woodward.
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    Yes. We have all the money in the world but we've been waisting it so therefore knowing that we can get in the best personnel but instead get in old players and staff to run the football side is depressing as hell. I love Ole, Darren, Carrick...
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    Give Roy Keane a handsome amount of money and a baseball bat and instruct him to enter the dressing room after a match like this. Problem solved.
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    I'm never confident when this guy is in a scoring position. Always praying he can score instead of knowing he'll be clinical enough to put the chance away.
  • Stark contrast to the great sides Sir Alex built. Those teams were composed of players with mental strength and you had them all over the pitch, not just one or two key positions.
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    These will never not be funny :lol: Flawless Victory !
  • Not good enough. Get rid. That goal against us vs Sheffield (where he has his hands behind his back just looking at the ball) still makes my blood boil and sums him up perfectly.
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    Would be good but for strikers to be effective, they have to have good service. Currently only Bruno can consistently provide that service so I'd rather us invest in good RW and LW forwards. Rashford is not reliable and Martial has gone off a...
  • He can take as many long shots as he wants. He's earned my respect as a player. I simply love Fred. I love him like I love Ji Sung Park...long time.
  • Always wanted Diego Costa in a United shirt. Offers something different to what we have. We need a bit of a barstard up front who wants to fight for the team. Maybe literally haha but at least hed show more fight than this Martial character.
  • Too much focus on hitting teams on the counter attack. This is the reason for De Gea passing the ball out from the back hoping someone would get on the end of it and launch the counter. In tight games common sense should prevail to just get rid...
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    I'd pay for Sir Alex to be left alone in the dressing room with this lot after that utter shite performance. Ole won't do a damn thing. The best you can hope for is the old arm around the shoulder for encouragement.
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    Yep. Twice Burke was unmarked in our penalty box in acres of space. TWICE. Martial somehow focuses all his attention on the wing with one of our players already covering the Sheffield attacker down that wing. Why is he not looking around to...
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    It's performances like tonight (which is quite frankly the worst all season) that I wish Sir Alex was in the dressing room after. Because you just know he'd kick the ever living piss out of these players, especially Martial.
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    Martial standing with his hands behind his back while there is a Sheffield player unmarked right behind him. I just can't believe the fact that Burke was unmarked TWICE in the box to score the goal. Absolutely insane. How many players would you...