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  1. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    I said could end up costing us that much so I'm talking about future revenue as well, which the club will obviously take into account when planning their spending. There's the TV rebate, missing out on the pre-season tour and we don't know when full crowds will be back next season either...
  2. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    That's kind of the point I'm making. A source that they trust that has been proven to have accurate info until now could give them a dud or a planted piece of misinformation. It happens. What we know is that there is a deal to be made and negotiations are taking place. As usual it will likely...
  3. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    The club also lose about 5m each home game without crowds. Covid could end up costing the club 100m which will have to have an effect on transfer policy.
  4. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    I meant lighten up. You've conflated ITK spoofers with actual journalists. I'm not going to bother getting into it too much as it's old ground but journalists report the information given to them by trusted sources. That information might turn out to be bollocks if the club for example are...
  5. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    Far chance! Its called Muppet season for a reason :lol:
  6. Abandon Utd - Find a new club

  7. Abandon Utd - Find a new club

    That's the obvious choice isn't it? I couldn't support another PL team, christ.
  8. xG limitations

    As @Pagh Wraith said Leicester's over-performance in the early part of the season was tied to Vardy out-performing his xg by a ridiculous amount. That is what the data told us. Of course Vardy could have continued in the same vain and finished the season with something like 38 league goals...
  9. Europa League 2019/20

    Hopefully we'll have acclimatised a bit by then.
  10. Europa League 2019/20

    And how did Wolves do against the 4th side in the premier league last time they played? 1 shot on target, 37% possession and lost 2 nil.
  11. Europa League 2019/20

    We're much better against teams who play. An open game will be more fun anyway.
  12. Europa League 2019/20

    We've played them three times this year. Jan: 49% (Matic/Pereira/Mata) Jan FA Cup: 43% (Fred/Matic/Greenwood) Feb: 36% (Pereira/Fred/Bruno) Safe to say they will park all the buses with Pogba/Bruno and our current front three.
  13. Europa League 2019/20

    Ha ha no he says he doesn't lift weights. There's vids of him doing resistance training though so yeah doesn't 'lift weights' but it's as good as.
  14. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN

    Is that the gazundering then?
  15. Jadon Sancho - Dortmund say NEIN