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  1. Thiago Silva | Chelsea Player

    That myth is debunked easily. Most top PL players are made in leagues inferior to EPL : De Bruyne,Sadio Mané, Kanté,Mohammed Salah, peak Sergio Aguero, Ronaldo, Jorginho,Laporte, VVD, Ruben Dias, Bruno Fernandes, peak Eriksen, Heun Min Son, etc There is no argument for not trusting inferior...
  2. Thiago Silva | Chelsea Player

    PSG isn't taking the best players from France, they are all abroad : Bundesliga,EPL, La Liga winning trophies for other clubs...the only actual best player from Ligue 1 PSG took was Mbappé, and he will leave to RM next year. The fact that Mbappé is the only regular starter for France NT(that...
  3. Thiago Silva | Chelsea Player

    Farmer Thierry Henry was best foreign player of EPL until Cr7 arrived in England, farmer Eric Cantona is praised by most United fans. Don't forget about the other farmers Patrice Evra,Robert Pires,Vieira,Makelele,Ginola, Kanté, and let's not forget the grandpa farmer Arsene Wenger who took a...
  4. Premier League game week 5

    Christensen and Rudiger are great.
  5. Great article on the rise of the weird online fanbase

    It matters. It's desilusional to believe that japanese/chinese Man Utd fans have the same feelings as english fans from Manchester whose whole family are Man Utd fans since 80 years ago... and I'm not even talking about going to a match btw, just the experience of supporting a team you are familiar...
  6. PSG - 2021/22

    Indeed PSG is obsessed with signing top players past their peak... I'm pretty sure they will go for the likes of Benzema,De Bruyne,Kroos, Lewandowski,etc once their current teams don't need them anymore, and let them leave. But i get why they are doing it, no way the likes of...
  7. German Football 21/22 | Bremen vs Hamburg Sat 20:30

    Don't worry, Bundesliga is being crushed by a team that in UCL is only outperformed by Real Madrid. Nothing to be ashamed of.
  8. For The Culture….Young Kings Versuz: Bellingham or Musiala, who is better?

    No historically they aren't, Hamburger SV and Dortmund have 1 UCL final and 1 UCL trophy, plus other german teams have dominated the old UEFA Cup when it was more competitive because European Cup had less spots for top 4 leagues. Also big reminder thar Bayern massive dominance only became a...
  9. Facts about football that shouldn't be true - but are

    1982 - Germany 1886 - Germany 1990 - Germany 1994 - Jorginho 1998 - Lizarazu 2002 - Germany 2006 - Willie Sagnol 2010 - Van Bommel and Robben 2014 - Germany 2018 - Pavard and Tolisso
  10. Facts about football that shouldn't be true - but are

    Brazil 2014 was garbage, only more prestigious in name, i would take Croatia 1998 all the way over that horrendous Brazil team that got smacked 7-1 at home with some defensive amateur bloopers. Germany was the best team of the tournament, but even Algeria caused them more trouble than that...
  11. Champions League | Matchday 1

    Poaching top players past their peak doesn't change much, if you still rely on one guy (Verrati) for the team to play properly. I think PSG will have troubles attracting a top midfield cause they won't be down to play in Ligue 1 at their peak... I think PSG can snatch De Bruyne in a couple of...
  12. Champions League | Matchday 1

    PSG midfield look so underwhelming without Verrati. For all the money PSG has, their midfield looks like a midfield from a mid table team from Spain-Italy-Germany and not from top team who wants to win UCL...i mean they subbed Leandro Paredes for Danilo Pereira ffs.
  13. Best Striker in the World

    Nothing to do with Lewandowski or Haaland. Or would you say that Cantona wasn't a top class player because in the 90s EPL was far behind Serie A and La Liga in terms of quality of teams, so his achievements are worthless cause he wasn't playing in the best leagues.
  14. Messi v Ronaldo | Contains double your daily salt allowance

    All this non-sense about "capitulations". Just because Cristiano was moving his hands and screaming at his teammates when Portugal got trashed by Germany in 2014, knocked out by Uruguay in 2018, and knocked out by Belgium in 2021 doesn't mean he is better player than Messi. That's more about...
  15. Best Striker in the World

    Yes, he can be the best easily right now, probably only behind Messi.