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  1. Raul Jimenez

    3 years remaining. This is just an assumption in an article that has been picked up as fact in others.
  2. Weird things about football that are true but don't sound it

    Deschamps insists it isn't personal, but Laporte disputes that apparently. France do also have an extraordinary amount of high quality centre backs though.
  3. How do City and Liverpool press so well?

    You can see the adaption Ronaldo has made since his Juve move too. He must have shed 20% of his muscle mass. He is king of adapting his game to succeed and being leaner is a key adaption in modern, pressing football.
  4. How do City and Liverpool press so well?

    They are built for it. Liverpool's full-backs are built like long-distance runners. I bet Wan-Bisakka and Luke Shaw weigh twice what Robertson and Trent do! That's not because Wan-Bisakka and Shaw are overweight, they just have much more muscle mass and bulk. There are exceptions, but on a...
  5. Footballs biggest open secret: The European Super League

    FFP was meant to be about protecting clubs from spending money they haven't got, not protecting the elite clubs from new money. United's revenues are still more than 3 times the revenues of most other Premier League clubs. Your net spending over the last 10 years has been around £400m more than...
  6. Weird things about football that are true but don't sound it

    Aymeric Laporte has never played for France.
  7. Adama Traore

    Absolutely bang-on. Saint-Maximin reminds me so much of the more raw version of Traore we saw last season. As a Wolves fan, I watch Saint-Maximin and can't help but think of the wonderful things Nuno could do with him! :lol:
  8. Cheap Backup Strikers

    If West Ham go down, I think a lot of clubs should look at buying Sebastien Haller, as well as getting Jovic on loan, to reunite their Eintracht Frankfurt partnership.
  9. Adama Traore

    The Traore/James comparisons are completely useless by the way, as they are completely different types of player. James might be as fast, or close to as fast, but he will never have Adama's power. James is more of an Aaron Lennon type of player, where I've never really seen anyone as fast AND...
  10. Adama Traore

    Nope. He doubled down on his argument and dug himself into a hole, before deleting the Tweet.
  11. Adama Traore

    That's even harsher!!!
  12. Adama Traore

    A West Ham fan on Twitter made me laugh after the game. He said Adama Traore would be nothing if he wasn't so fast and skilful. So if you take away a players two best attributes, they would be ineffective? You don't say! :lol:
  13. Dean Henderson has to be our #1 next season? Poll added

    It's a no-brainer for me. You have De Gea, on £375k a week, who probably won't get any better and appears to be getting worse. Then you have Henderson, who would probably sign a new contract as your number 1 for what, £50k a week? With the potential to improve massively and be your number one...
  14. Adama Traore

    He didn't start because Nuno mentioned that there were so many unknowns after such a long break and he didn't really know where his team would be in comparison to others. So he took a cautious approach, starting with a 5-3-2/3-5-2 and the extra man in midfield, just to feel things out. When it...