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  • If he continues this form till next season then we're potentially sitting on a 35 goal and 15 assists player and that's no exaggeration. He needs to maintain this level and then no one will have any leg to stand on to criticize him
  • Tbh, you're the only one seeing this. What greenwood is known for is his finishing, line up 10 Man Utd fans and only one (you) would mention his dribbling ability. Rashford has shown more dribbling ability than him and Martial knocks them both...
  • Yeah, he's been like a man possessed recently As for his dribbling, it's not hit and run like Traore and utilises far more skill and technique than any player in the league. Hazard is the only other one like that I can remember recently.
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    Got it, perhaps should have seen that myself :houllier: Here's to hoping he kicks on from here and fitness issues become a thing of the past ala Smalling
  • That's what I've been saying, playing Giroud ahead of him now should constitute a criminal offence.
  • :lol:
  • That he was Though I'd argue that he was doing it more in moments pre-lockdown rather than for the whole 90mins and that's what I mean by "where has the consistency come from?" Anyways, that's all semantics and the most important thing is that...
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    This line got me confused You can't wait for his next injury which implies you want him off the team And then in the same line you wanna see him continue alongside Maguire. That's some mixed message there bro unless I'm missing something.
  • What's lazy is this tag that people heap on players and then refuse to drop it even in the face of contrary evidence. It's borderline disrespectful at this point.
  • Everyone's saying he should have had a goal but I say he would have had 2 goals and 2 assists on another night. I hope the Hunger from missing out on goals this match fires him up to grab a couple in the next match. But where has this...
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    Can be a bit rash I know but by the gods I'll take him over any of our current starting center backs... Man's gotta be in the starting 11 from now on.
  • I guess it's 'cause a Norwich defender touched it on its way to Maguire iirc. Anyways, I would still love two more so there is no doubt at all that he breached double figures assists..
  • Your tag-line should be "stats-lady" Anyways, I just want him to get 2 more goals and 2 more assists so he can end the season on double figures of both goals and assists...that would be neat.
  • I feel he is the man to lead the France team right now as he is a better footballer and striker than Giroud (good as he has been for the national team). I hope Deschamps does the right team and makes Martial his number one striker..
  • Just want us to win our last two matches to be sure but if somehow Chelsea don't make it then I'll be quite pleased I'll tell ya that