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  1. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    I guess it's 'cause a Norwich defender touched it on its way to Maguire iirc. Anyways, I would still love two more so there is no doubt at all that he breached double figures assists..
  2. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Your tag-line should be "stats-lady" Anyways, I just want him to get 2 more goals and 2 more assists so he can end the season on double figures of both goals and assists...that would be neat.
  3. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    I feel he is the man to lead the France team right now as he is a better footballer and striker than Giroud (good as he has been for the national team). I hope Deschamps does the right team and makes Martial his number one striker..
  4. Could us and Leicester play out a draw to deny Chelsea ?

    Just want us to win our last two matches to be sure but if somehow Chelsea don't make it then I'll be quite pleased I'll tell ya that
  5. Manchester United vs Southampton

    This is going well and with the way things are I don't think we've gone out of gear 1 yet and when we do, we gonna add 2 more at least That third is ours!
  6. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    Can't believe how much Fernandez has had an impact and never thought it was possible till him and Van D. Getting Sancho is a must and can't understand the mentality of people saying we don't need him 'cause of greenwood.. Squad depth is key Seems the boys are saying and thinking the right...
  7. 2019/20 Rivals - Chelsea

    I just hope they sign haverts as well and forget about beefing up at the back, that would make them the most top heavy squad by a country mile
  8. Manchester United vs Southampton

    Only positive thoughts man! Like I said in another thread, this team has the feel of the real deal now with a solid spine. I don't see us dropping any points till the end of the season if we use our first 11, my only issue is with our sharp drop in quality with our reserve Anyways, here is...
  9. Anthony Martial | 2019/20 Performances

    I was one of the original Martial FC squad back in Jose's tenure and I'm sure am glad to see his fortune change on this forum and the outside world. Even as a fan I could never have foreseen this new drive he's been playing with and always imagined him as an Ozil like player (back in his prime)...
  10. 2019/20 Rivals - Arsenal

    Wow, what a sad stat. They are just weak mentally and I'm not sure Arteta's the man to change that. Seems the Arsenal rebuild is gonna continue for years to come and though my brother's a fan, I just can't find much joy in their misfortune and I just hope they can become a proper rival once...
  11. Dean Henderson has to be our #1 next season? Poll added

    The mistakes de gea has made to me seem marginal compared to the form we know he can produce.. I fully expect him to play for us for the better part of the coming decade and I am certain his form will be back to its imperious best sooner rather than later. That being said, if he messes up next...
  12. Premier League Gameweek 35-37 + FA Cup semis

    Funny thing is I got no fear about tomorrow's match, there's a real backbone to our team that says we are the real deal now.. Lest I forget, a hearthy thanks to Chelsea and Leicester for the absolute gift they have given us this weekend..graciàs
  13. Aaron Wan Bissaka

    We currently have only 3 fullbacks and we need 4 We have an undisputed LB but none at the right, AWB wont be a waste of budget..
  14. Fred | 2018/19 Performances

    This is exactly what I was talking about, amongst the people who made mistakes yesterday he is the one that has little margin for error especially with the return of Herrera He can still be a pretty useful member of the squad but his decision making has got to improve.
  15. Fred | 2018/19 Performances

    Definitely, no arguing that but given Lukaku has been saving our bacon recently and DDG has been doing that for years then they get more leeway to make mistakes This is not an attack on the guy but he is the one who can't afford to make mistakes amongst all the people that made them...