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  1. Fans who 'celebrate' goals by taunting the opposition fans..

    There you are. Watch the game, man.
  2. Fans who 'celebrate' goals by taunting the opposition fans..

    Tend to agree if it’s the first reaction. Celebrate the goal with those around you then give it to the opponent if warranted. I once went to a Swansea vs Norwich match and the 2 guys next to me spent the entire game throwing the wanker sign up to the Norwich fans, of which there weren’t too...
  3. Who is the MUTV commentator?

    When watching any highlights, it sounds to me like he has already watched the match and knows what is about to happen and is simply trying to sound like he's commentating live, but it's nigh on impossible to match the 'in the moment' tone of watching the match live. The emotions are nowhere near...
  4. Your Favorite Rival Player

    Thought Henry was an amazing player but couldn’t stand him at the same time (because I couldn’t stand anyone I that Arsenal team at the time). RvP was another, and as Arsenal were little to no threat at the time I allowed myself to like him.
  5. Napoli boss proposal for new European league

    My proposal: Play the CL and EL at the end of the season in a condensed tournament (similar to 2019 after lockdown). The domestic season can finish sooner and then all focus would be on those competitions. And the teams competing will have qualified that season, not the season beforehand. This...
  6. The MNF question: 10 minutes left in a game, pick anyone in history to win for you coming off the bench.

    It would be RVN for me. I would count on him putting the ball in the net from any position within the box, no matter how the ball was delivered to him.
  7. Memphis Depay | Barca watch

    That was the long and short of it. Every time he had the ball it was like he was frozen to the spot and you could almost see his mind ticking over about what to do next. You don't get that type of time in the PL (or many other leagues).
  8. Television Michael K Williams (Omar Little) found dead in NYC apartment

    Gutted to hear about this earlier this morning. Such a talented guy and seems universally loved too. RIP.
  9. João Palhinha - Sporting Lisbon

    I’m sure Bruno will be in the manager’s ear if this guy is the nuts. He would know and he’s one of the players who will benefit most from an upgrade in midfield.
  10. Paul Scholes - Pure Class, Silk in a Glass

    Simple answer for me is that they never seen him live. Watching Scholes from the stands was a joy to behold, something that does not quite translate so well on TV because you can’t see the whole picture he was seeing and the ease he was doing it with. Still looked good on telly of course.
  11. Would a world-class defender be the best attacker in the Conference? Would a world-class attacker be the best defender in the Conference?

    Yeah but we are talking about Messi playing as a defender. Of course he would still be class on the ball but that’s not really what you need as a defender in the conference. And he’s also probably the best player of all time so we can’t use him as a barometer. We’ve seen world class prem...
  12. Adults wearing replica football shirts...

    It always seems to be about 80% Liverpool fans who wear them shopping or to the pub (even if there's no game), so on that basis, I'm out.
  13. ABU Behaviour Pattern Thread

    This one is always particularly ridiculous (and that goes for any fan of any team). If you can't celebrate wins and goals for your team, what are you watching football for?