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  1. Guardian: Manchester United lose £200m training kit deal over fans’ anti-Glazers campaign

    The Hut Group are a bunch of cnuts anyway.
  2. Glazer refuses to answer to fans discord

    Yes, the two scenarios are completely equitable. Also, she never said that.
  3. Glazer refuses to answer to fans discord

    They're a bunch of nobodies with 0 influence. It's honestly laughable that they think they'll get a response. I'll just write to the CEO of my bank and demand a response because I'm angry with aspects of how they operate, I'm sure I'll get a reply.
  4. Film Cameron's Titanic is the best film in the past 25 years

    An old woman banging on about some good dick she got on a cruise once.
  5. Film Mortal Kombat 2021 Film - 16th April 2021

    Amazon Video: Get over here.
  6. Film Mortal Kombat 2021 Film - 16th April 2021

    I found time to watch this while my missus was busy with something else so I didn't have to subject her to it. I did say to her though 'this is going to be really bad, with terrible acting and a semi coherent plot but I'm still going to love it' and I feel like it delivered exactly that. The...
  7. Turn the Caf Green and Gold

    Yeah, no. If your neighbour wants to hang a giant inflatable dick on his porch and the neighbours talk him down, it isn't logical to believe that if they ask him to sell his house he'll do it because they already got him to listen one time.
  8. F1 2021 Season

  9. Turn the Caf Green and Gold

    Dunno I think it looks really good like.
  10. Turn the Caf Green and Gold

    I doubt you'll find anyone who says they love them but I also doubt the 'majority of the forum' agrees on it either. Given the forum has over 40,000 members you also don't see many who express hate for them, just a small sub section of less than 1% of the board who frequent the place regularly...
  11. Turn the Caf Green and Gold

    What's cringey is that first of all it's all for nothing because nobody at United gives a feck about RedCafe or what they want so the gesture is largely pointless to begin with, but on top of that it split the football forum into a ridiculously toxic place with two sides against each other in...
  12. Turn the Caf Green and Gold

    We did this already years ago and it was cringey as feck.
  13. M&S takes Aldi to court - Colin v Cuthbert

    Bit slimy that.
  14. European Super League | 18th April 2021 - 20th April 2021 RIP

    I don't think you understand what history is but if it helps, you can't consign it anywhere. It's history, it happened, it's always history.